Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Case of Elder Napping in Florida ?

Alida Rosa in Miami, USA Writes;

My uncle's brother was removed from his home by his wife and her daughter into an ALF. They did not tell us his whereabouts till now. They took all his assets .

He is in the ALF Facility in Hialeah, Florida and his wife was placed there too by her daughter....

The Nursing Home was told he(they) had no family. How can we go about removing him from the facility and becoming his guardian?


Dear Rosa;

I'm publishing your letter in the hope that someone will contact you and help you, your story is repeated very frequent as America is experiencing the biggest transfer of wealth in the nation's history.

Wish things were as simple as telling you to call the police, but they will not get involved unless your uncle has physical signs of abuse, and today's abusers for the most part know their business well.

Having been in your shoes , I can tell you already have taken the first step by having the courage to speak out against this outrage. WE are on your side and congratulate you for speaking out, this in turns encourages others to come forward until our mailbox is overflowing with letters like yours, and the outrage will be so that the authorities will no longer be able to participate/ignore in this illegal transfer of wealth that is happening in our families and communities along with countless others that have stepped foward to tell their stories.

Anyone that feels they can help Alida Rosa please E mail her here =>>

Update Alida Rosa writes :Thanks Mr. Fernandez for caring about My uncle's situation.

Both his brother and myself told my uncles wife's daughter that we would care for him but she isolated him and placed him the ALF. She has now placed her mother there too and denied us access to him for almost a year.

My father just went to visit him today in the ALF and I saw him last week. He was drugged and the staff stated they did not know he had a family. I think it was a miracle that the wife's daughter finally told us where he is but I'm concerned for his well being since he is separate from the people he always was around . She isolated him and kept him from us for so long. We feel frustrated in this matter. We want to help him !!!!

Alida Rosa

Many of you have already contacted me in your interest to help Alida, I have provided a link to her E mail, and I thank you for your concern on her hehalf!
Yes, the situation sounds confusing, it usually is, that why we need Elder Abuse Unit Specialists to look into each and everyone of these allegations, because getting involved early is critical, instead of the present scheme of things where victims that try to report Elder Abuse are extremely frustated because they then become victims of a semantics letter game followed by a wild goose chase from agency to agency that they are sent on.

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