Friday, October 16, 2009

Please Allow Claudia to Know How Her Mother Died!

by Claudia Donnelly Seatlle,WA.

Last April, I found out that my mom had a MRSA infection that contributed to her death -- the guardian never told me about it.

I sent a letter to the Health and Human Services Secretary and the letter was sent to the Seattle Medicare office. They had another "health organization -- Qualis) investigate.

After the investigation, I was told that because we had a guardian and the guardianship was in place at the time of her death, I can't get a copy of the report -- even though I held a valid Health Surrogate and Power of Attorney which never revoked .

Now Mom is dead -- so what is the Federal Government hiding? Who are they protecting?

In July I got a letter back from the White House. Two weeks ago, I sent them another letter telling them of this outrage.

What do I have to do to find out why my loved one died? Why the veil of secrecy?

I need to know why my mother passed away anyone that can help me in Seattle to get this information please write me:

Claudia Donnelly

In what countries is it customary to take one's loved one and keep them isolated until their death and keep the family unable to obtain closure by not letting then know how their loved one died?

This is a long dark road and it hurts us, who have lived through this before to see America go down that road.

We plead to those responsible for humanitarian reasons to allow Claudia to know how her mother died.
ORGANIZATION: Seattle-based Qualis Health and its 240 employees are dedicated to improving the quality of health-care delivery and health outcomes for individuals and populations across the nation. Various contracts provide a revenue stream of more than $24.5 million.

Please Contact Qualis and encourage them to let Claudia know how her mother died.

(Corporate headquarters)
10700 Meridian N., Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98133

Seattle Human Services Department

Seattle Municipal Tower
700 5th Ave, Suite 5800
PO Box 34215
Seattle WA 98124-4215
206-684-0702 (TDD)

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Anonymous said...

Guys I never ever in my wildest dreams thought I would be working to findg out how a relative died while in hands of the state, so that their family could get closure!
Sounds Familiar, NO this is not happening in Fido's Cuba and is not happening in Hugo Chavez's venezuela is happening right here in the United States of America and had this happened to me, had my mother died while my mother was under confinement for twelve months and I would have never known when or how she died, this would have really torn me apart, that's why I feel We must all help Claudia,,,,