Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Reader Writes :What is Happening to Our Elders?

Guardian, Anne Grasee, L.C.S.W. and her lawyer, Marcia O'Brien of Glatstein and O'Brien have used collusion and fraud to get Anne Grasee appointed as guardian.

Since being appointed as guardian they have used fraud and abuse of power, misused funds and committed elder life threatening acts , neglect and exploitation which has gone continuously, since 2002.

This is part of a conspiracy which involves forced drugging with the elder killer drug Zyprexa, and creating false reports and presenting perjury.

Other members of the conspiracy include conservator, Michael Beutz and his lawyers at Olsen and Traeger, and trustee Wells Fargo Bank and its lawyers, and others and has taken over on dollars in 2 ½ years, and then have taken Silvia's home under false pretenses.

They have pooled false reports and perjury to keep it going and to cover this up.Anne Grasee and her lawyer, Marcia O'Brien, have used Sylvia's own Social Security income money to block a law suit against Eli Lilly which would have exposed Anne Grasee


Anonymous said...

Anne Grasee is still at it, using her Colorado license as a social worker to get large chunks of elderly estates, under court appointments as guardian, appointments that are not investigated because they are court ordered, as is pointed out in Colorado State Audits 1774 (2006), and 2132 (2011). She is above the law according to a 2010 ruling giving her immunity for anything she did while a guardian in Colorado Jefferson County Case 01-PR-306.

Anonymous said...

Anne Grasee's approach is to block family access to their senior citizen loved ones, so they don't know what she is doing, steal the senior citizen's estate, quit, and get immunity as a guardian so that she cannot be prosecuted for elder abuse.

Anonymous said...

Anne Grasee will be glad to label anyone incompetent or mentally ill for money. She did this to Mathew Keenan and to Sylvia Bush. When these two people tried to tell of Anne Grasee's atrocities, drugging, isolating, false imprisonment, Anne Grasee said they are "exhibiting" "paranoid" "behavior", having a "paranoid" day. If you want a happy old age stay away from Anne Grasee.

Anonymous said...

Now, in 2012, Anne Grasee, dishonest Colorado Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and her lawyer, dishonest lawyer Marcia O'Brien, at Glatstein and O'Brien, are still in business stealing and abusing senior citizens and stealing their estates. They have utilized dishonest services including the false reports and perjury of Gale Nichter, LCSW, who wrote the false evaluation report on senior citizen Silvia Bush Tessadri, while being coached by Carl Glatstein of Glatstein and O'Brien. Anne Grasee was given immunity for her crimes, by Colorado probate Judge Munsinger. If you live in Colorado or intend to move to Colorado, bear this in mind.

Anonymous said...

Anne Grasee,a dishonest licensed clinical social worker and dishonest guardian in Colorado, has found another way to increase her plunder of estates. Her highly paid dishonest "professional opinion." Though Anne Grasee admitted she had a "conflict of interest" her "professional opinion" was used to allow Wells Fargo Bank to make sure Silvia was not allowed a lawyer or due process, to violate the Trust of Silvia, under false pretenses to sell her paid for house.

Anonymous said...

It has been learned Anne Grasee, as Silvia Bush Tessadri's Colorado Licensed Clinical Social Worker Guardian, used Silvia Bush Tessadri's Social Security for herself, then contacted the personal representative for Silvia's ex-husband's estate, claiming there was no money for Silvia's personal needs, also claiming she, Anne Grasee, had been paying for Silvia's personal needs herself. The Social Security Administration has initiated an investigation into Anne Grasee's activities, as well as Conservator Michael Beutz, who is a Colorado lawyer.