Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Letters To Editor : Can You Help ?

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My sister was a victim of abuse from a family member, as the lady in this account was.

The difference is that my sister passed, under questionable circumstances.
The family tried to stop cremation so that we could determine cause of death. This was not done, even though the Medical Examiners office was notified.

My sister's valuable accounts and property was pillaged by her daughter, and nothing has been done. We determine between 150 thousand to 250 thousand dollars in money, collectibles, jewelry, and property wellness equipment.

The Miami police was called on approximately, Oct. 30 ,2008 to check on the well being of my sister.

Now , no police report is on the record of being called to xxx Street, Miami, Florida Florida Public Vital Record 35274130

If you can or will help, please do so.
Thank you,
M.L. Gentry

Dear M.L. Genry

We are quite aware of the corruption that is rampant in Florida and that is why we have asked Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to ask his state’s Supreme Court to empanel a grand jury to investigate public corruption throughout the state, we hear of many cases like yours involving Florida residents whose liberty and property is under attack through probate actions demonstrate why people in the “Sunshine State” as well as across this country are increasingly losing faith in government systems and those drawn to public service.

"These cases help explain why Floridians believe their government lacks integrity. If truly intent on reform, Crist’s public corruption grand jury will have a real opportunity. If this instead is a effort for show rather than substance, the erosion of individual and property rights will continue."LouAnnAnderson

What concerns us the most is the ease with which family members in Florida are granted 'family immunity' and are free to so as the please and are not held to the standards of exploitation and abuse in order to protect our elders

All that I can do is to call attention to the problem that you and many like you continue to experience, problems which are akin to being victimized by organized crime and people like your sister do not deserve to experience in the twilight of their years.

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