Monday, October 19, 2009

Las Vegas Nevada speaks "Up Legalizing Criminal Conduct Under The Guise of Protection."

by Rudy LasVegas,Nevada

The words, "imprisonment," "stealing," "perjury," "crimes," I am told, are "inappropriate" and false in reference to court appointed guardians, conservators, and trustees and their lawyers because these credentialed individuals working in syndicate are above the law, they cannot commit crimes, because they are court appointed.

When the government of this, or any country, makes laws to make crimes against the elderly and their children legal and put people in power over other people and rights cease to exist for these people and their families what is that called?

What words are "appropriate?"

Crying is appropriate. When shall we stop crying and start to talk?

And when we start to talk what are we allowed to say? In our speech shall we just ask questions?

Where did our freedom of speech go? Where did our homes go? Where did our parents go? Where did our inheritances go? Where will we go to find another home? Where will we find another mother, another father?

When our ancestors asked these questions their answer was to come to America.

I do not want to later say that because we were afraid to present our pain and our outrage, because this would alienate the powers that be in America, that we did not bring to those powers the knowledge they are not "helping," they are hurting their citizens and the fact that this country is on a very dangerous course in legalizing criminal conduct under the guise of protection.

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