Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Can't Be Happening Here-Another Horror Story

Received and filed 10/15/09

Our nightmare started in 1997. The public guardians were contacted after our greedy sister who had been stealing money from mother's bank account was removed from the bank account.

Our sister contacted the EVIL Public Guardian's office. From day one the guardians, court investigator, county counsel, and court appointed attorney perjured, conspired, and used intimidation to take over our mother's life and her money. No capacity declaration, no wrong doing by us except our sister. They made our sister look like an angel.

Since the conservatorship our mother has lost a toe, a leg, bank account, her right to be heard, her right to live like every other American citizen. As for us, we are forced to sit back and allow our mother to be abused. We are blamed for whatever the conservator can think of. Whenever, the conservator and his attorney feel that they need to paid their pockets, they call the police and say that we have done something wrong and our mother is in danger and needs to be removed from her home.

Last time the police were called it was at 6pm. My husband, 20 year old daughter and my 3 year old grandson were held at gun point while the conservator removed our mother from our home. Mom was returned 2 months later. The conservator collected approx. $20,000. and his attorney collected approx. $40,000. for the year. If they hadn't removed our mother that day, their payment would not have been anywhere close to what they got.

This is only part of what we have been going through for the past 13 years. The judge is rude, and just as greedy and underhanded as the rest of them. I have written, called and talked to everyone and anyone who will listen. But I always get the same answer. "Wish I could help but we don't' handle those kind of problems and we don't know who does. Good luck.

The only thing that keeps me going is believing that some day the truth will prevail, and the wrongdoers will be punished.
Living in San Mateo County California

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