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Florida Leads In Corruption Cases

by Pat Benabe Sarasota,Florida Oct 15, 2009

I joined this group several months ago but have not posted due to extreme burnout from the case involving my mother and daughter who both reside in Florida. I live in Kansas.
My mother's horrific case is in Sarasota. It began after my mother had a stroke. Agents of Lutheran Services are the culprits in this case.

They never notified next of kin (which is me) about the guardianship proceedings. In fact when a family friend was trying to get some information they never even asked if there were any other relatives.

The Ombudsman program is a farce. One of them told me that my mother now enjoys a better quality of life. My mother's civil rights have been continually violated by the agents of Lutheran Services. Protective Services never responded to my many complaints or sent me the results of their so-called investigation as required by law.

My mother was declared incompetent by 3 mental health professionals who never saw her or spoke to her. Her case worker told me that my mother doesn't have the ability to communicate which is pure crap...she needs to check my phone bills...I have a paper trail of everyone I contacted trying to resolve this situation.

Unfortunately I cannot pay $350 an hour for legal representation as my only income is from disability

Not only did they violate my mother's civil rights, she still cannot receive any incoming calls from family or friends, she was held totally incommunicado for a long period of time, a Catholic priest on a pastoral visit was removed from her room and told she could not have any visitors...she never had legal representation prior to the guardianship hearing...the attorney who represented her at the hearing came up to her after the hearing and told her "I guess I'm your lawyer." She had no idea of what was going on until it was too late.

My daughter was offered $15,000 to "walk away" when she told them she wasn't selling her grandmother Lutheran Services filed bogus criminal charges against her...they also filed a Motion in Limine to prevent this from remaining a family matter.

My daughter didn't have adequate representation at her trial and was sentenced to 3 years in prison...Lutheran Services demonized her in the newspaper and on TV...the jury was never polled as to whether they saw the newspaper articles or TV broadcasts...the police never spoke to my mother during their alleged investigation...the facts in their probable cause affidavit are false...I have witnesses to dispute the allegations against my daughter but unfortunately innocence is not a defense in this so-called Justice system we have...there is so much more to tell...but not here as I would be typing for the next 3 days...

If anyone in Florida can help me find out how to obtain some legal help I would appreciate it...I will write again to Charlie won't be the first time I have contacted his office...

hopefully Sarasota can be added to the investigation...peace, pat p.s. there are two cases pending against Lutheran Services by former high level administrators regarding misuse of government funds...if interested I can look up the articles and forward them.

Pat Benabe E mail me :


Pat if I had not lived through this I would have a hard time believing you, but it all started after my mother Clara G. Fernandez had a fall hitting her head and suffering a stroke, even though we had POA and Surrogate Health Papers, she was flown out by helicopter and kept chemically retrained for a year while 2 million in assets evaporated from her Trust. We were unable to see her for an entire year! My father Dr. Fernandez was not allowed to see her after 58 years of marriage, he died of a broken heart.

There were man false affidavits filed, including a police report that was falsified,and as long as the money was flowing there was no one to turn to for help up until the money ran out and all legal ramsom was paid then my mother was released from the guardianship, but by then my father died because of the stress of the situation.

So I can certainly feel the pain in your words, you are not alone there are many of us, who are coming forward with our stories unafraid, with our heads held up high knowing that we will never keep quiet about the atrocities that we have witnessed, and we will never rest in calling for the justice that our parents never had.

Ps. Certain members of my family also were offered 10% of my mother's estate if they testified against me, the only legitimate heir and joined the gravy train but they also refused to sell my mother out!

I'm still getting bills that Medicare is still being billed years later for non existing services by the people in on the scam , no wonder it is going broke!

Ray Fernandez

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