Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Incapacitated Persons " Mining for Diamonds"

One of the most attractive things about about incapacitated persons is the ease from which huge amount of money is made on a daily basis in every major city in the country.

It's easy to have a person committed to a guardianship, a disgruntled family member who feels un fairly treated in a Last Will or Trust can easy find willing players in the form of attorneys, probate courts, APS, and judges who will put the well to do elder in a guardianship very quickly.

Once the elder is in a guardianship you can expect charges of up to $450/hr from the guardian and his associates totalling upwards of $850 per hour.
Elder Victims are deposed of by the system quickly and effectively as in the case of Corinne Bramson who was forced into guardianship she was stripped of her rights lost over $250,000.00 in legal fees and the guardian chose to put Corinne into a Hospice program under an alledged false diagnosis, and caused her death within her 12 days from the use of Roxanol,Morphine and Ativan.

In mining for Probate although not directly sanctioned, the State looks the other way and the families of the elders are easily disqualified Robert L. Aldridge, Atty at law, testimony before Congress said "Misleading unsworn or untested allegations maligning family members are the norm in forced guardianships. So don't worry about the dead beat families, you have plenty of help to discredit them and see that they get nothing but the legal bills to show for their trouble.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the money to be made with elderly people
is easier than taking candy from a baby, there is no one to dispute the Guardian's bills or speak up for the disabled elder who are not entitled to any Constitutional protections or Legal Aid from public agencies. The family of the disabled elder are discredited early on by un proven accusations and fees in the tens of thousands of dollars are routinely rubber stamped by Judges without so much as a raised eyebrow.

We are going to spread the knowledge around and teach you what guardian attorneys don't want you to know! By more people being aware and getting involved


Welcome to the very profitable world of probate, back in the nineties guardianship was only for people who did not have anyone to help care for them. While people over 65 are expected to increase at a 2.3% rate, the number of family members available to care for them will only increase at a 0.8% rate. The guardianship business is set to be the next gold Boom!

The Market is Huge! By 2030, 70 million Americans will be over the age of 65. This is one out of every five Americans. California, Florida, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and New Jersey. Florida, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia were the states with the highest proportions 65 and older in 2000: 17.6 percent, 15.6 percent, and 15.3 percent, respectively. - US Census Data

"Wards" are usually bankrupted quickly and their real estate is up for grabs
be among the smart professionals that have jumped on the bandwagon of the hottest and fastest growing business of the 21st century.

*Find probate property before it's for sale .No competition from other buyers or agents

* By keeping your sale out of court you can bypass court confirmation and overbidding

*In todays hyperactive Guardianship market One probate escrow per month is realistic.

* You can enjoy 30-day Closings You might be able to close in even less time.

*Partner with others who are willing to share the Wealth Buy Probates with partners at deeply discounted Realize $35,000 plus paydays .

The scope of this article is not to teach you how to find old people with dementia who are easy to prey upon, Estate of Denial.Com in Predatory Practices and Places Where the Looters and the Poachers Stalk Prey: Guarding Your Estate in the 21st Century by Lou Ann Anderson gives an excellent overview of where professionals go to stalk their prey.

Again the scope of this article is not to teach you how to buy Real Estate in a purely artificial market, for details Google "Diamond Farming" or Probate Real Estate Kits" where you can find out more.

Now keep in mind that the best deals are to be had by the Probate proffesionals. In cases such as attorney Paul Didzerekis case documented here =>> Who also owns DGW Real Estate, apparently managed by his wife. So be prepared for stiff competition, but even if you get the leftovers, this market is so lucrative that you can still make a lot of money in this little known business....

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