Monday, August 4, 2008

Letters to Editor Re:Clara G. Fernandez

Dear Ray;

The issues in the Fernandez case should be headlined all over the news in this country and throughout the world. It is my prayer every day that it be happen.

The world needs to know the truth of what is happening to the elderly and vulnerable and the price we are all paying for those horrific misdeeds.For anyone to suggest to voice the truth of what is happening as "junk" is disgusting.

My brother was a victim. To have the opportunity to tell that story as I have on your website is not "junk" to our family. Nothing I say or do may ever get justice for my brother and closure for my family but at least when I stand at the grave of my brother in my heart I know it is standing for what is right, and NOBODY can ever take that away.

Thank you Ray, you will be forever in my heart and prayers. My deepest condolences for the heartache you and your family are being subjected to.

God Bless You.





I hope they are reading what other victim's are saying. I want to expose all those attorney's, especially those who are wearing many "hats ".

I hired a lawyer who encouraged me, the client, to put my mother into the hands of a "Professional guardianship" corporation instead of fighting directly and swiftly with the court and present all pre need documents my mother had legally prepared (which named me her guardian if she should ever need it) I later found out that the lawyer I hired was representing the very guardianship company they told me to use. That is clearly a conflict of interest and when they had to go after their corporate client on my behalf they "dumped" me because they now admitted they had a conflict of interest (my legal fee to them were over $65,000.00).

I have recently found many elder lawyers who are handling many cases, all at the same time, for the courts(atty for the ward), cases representing professioanal guardians, and then the interested party, such as myself who was contesting the guardians fees and conduct. My experience and investigation led me to make a clear and loud warning. Lawyers are totally compromising the ward and family, These lawyers are "in bed" with guardianship professionals and they are helping to strip our parents not only of their civil rights but their ENTIRE estates, eaten up by their legal fees and encouraging more and unnecessary guardian fees.

So I say now , loud and clear to all those guardians and their participating attorneys: We know what you are doing and the party is OVER.

Ray, GOOD LUCK! Hopefully the judges in probate will take these cases and do what they are suppose to do: OVERSEE. The system has been negligent in allowing the financial and mental abuse perpetrated on the elderly and their family members who fight back. I give you permission to post this letter in protest of the crimes of these out of control professional guardians and their lawyers

B Reiter


Hi, Ray,

I came upon the Elder Abuse blog by accident and just want to say it is an excellent source of information.

I added your site to my blogroll. In case you would like to visit the address is:

Keep up the great work.


Grandmother of 14 - USA. has left a new comment on your post "Nursing Homes Research in Puerto Plata , Dominican...": Thanks for publishing your investigation Ray! "Looks like I know where I want to be when I need elder care, either with you and Judy, or in a center for the elderly in the Dominican Republic!"Take care folks,- An Elder from West Virginia, USA.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guardianship Abuse- Dr. Vernon Sinn": I want to say your blog is awesome.Thank you for bringing all of this great information to the public's blind eye.I found your blog several months ago due to researching elder abuse and the corruption and that follows it.

For over a year now, I have been personally investigating a guardian here in illinois that has been abusing, neglecting and stealing from hundreds of eldery persons.She is politically connected and has close ties with with court system.I, along with anthor person have reported this person several times to the so called elder protection agency and they have done nothing.We also called the states attorney's office and all they did was give us some tips and tell us to call the police.

The police say this is a matter for the courts, meanwhile this woman continues to rape the elderly from their dignity and rob them of everthing they own.I was very pleased to see the FOX news do that report. I certainly hope they will do a story on what is going on in my area of illinois.This woman has literally been given the freedom and legal right to steal millions from hundreds of people with the total help from the entire court system here.I have had many sleepless nights over these horrendous crimes committed by this woman.

I have been threatened by her attorney to leave this alone etc..She has utilized almost every attorney in this county and received her glorious rubber stamp by the judges.We found out that she pays people finders fees to bring her these eldery people. She has literally picked them up off the street and has bragged about it.Since she has friends in high places, she obtains personal information about elderly people and seems to almost always choose her victims by the fact they have almost none or no living family, no children etc..

She also is in cahoots as you call it with several nursing homes. I could go on and on but this is your blog. I Just wanted to share alittle bit of my story and give you a HUGE thanks for continuing to make the public aware.Someone out ther has got to care about these elderly people, unfortunately for the elderly people that I am trying to protect, I have not found anyone yet.


Hi Ray,

My Name is Arthur Manthorne. I E-mailed you a while back about my wife Terri’s and my fight against abuse and legal and illegal theft within the confines of the system. You might remember that I sent you an update about Terri being taken from me and my losing conservitorship of the person. After this process it was an inevitable loss of her life orchestrated by a system of hospitals, health care families, family, lawyers, and money seeking individuals to go after the estate.

I am now alone and entrenched in the long drawn-out probate fight under which information and activity comes in small spurts and mostly troubling news. I have had several lawyers over the last 10 years that have taken money from me (and crucial evidence), made promises, and ultimately disappeared with my money and case evidence. Many times I have asked for and accounting of what they are doing with my money and all have not delivered on this promise. I would imagine that you have heard this story many, many times from others in my situation. It seems as though this is happening in slow motion and I am watching my life fall apart even further since the devastating loss of my wife Terri.

I am writing you to ask in your experiences with this troubling topic of Elder Abuse and Estate Stealing, is there any advice or direction as to who could help with my situation since the system has done nothing to aide in my fight. I fear that in a few more months that I will be out of my home and penniless with my enormous collection of abuse reports and filings which have fallen on deaf ears by a system that ignores its elderly and their cries for help.

Arthur E. Manthorne

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From: AG

The Florida Attorney General's Office is in receipt of your email
expressing your concerns about the possible exploitation of Clara G.
Fernandez. Attorney General McCollum asked that we respond.