Sunday, August 10, 2008

We are paying a heavy price for our freedoms.-

Title by E.A. article by Sgt Jonathan Jenkins published by Atlas Shugs

Last Thurday night on August 7, 2008 we lost two American Heroes Sergeant Jenkins, my marine friend in Iraq, emailed this to me. It is with a heavy heart that I post it. G-d bless this men that fought and died for what they believed in, freedom, honor country.

I am at a loss. Read further here: Lost Two Marines Yesterday

In respect of the Marines we have lost, its time to let the Army take full responsibility for Iraq and then let the Jarheads have card blanch in Afghanistan to kill or capture the remaining remnants of Al Qaeda and Taliban so we can call this war won and go home.

Pray for the family and loved ones so that they can more quickly cope.
Pray for the safe return of the other Marines.Pray for those who just left us.
Semper Fi brothers,

Sgt Jonathan Jenkins


These young brave men and women are making the ultimate sacrifice because they consider it the right thing, the right to say what we think, the right for our elders and families to be protected by the authorities , the dues have and are been been paid everyday in blood and sacrifice with our sons and daughters.

Enough with political correctness and compromises lets get the job done.

Our elders and their families deserve better when they come to their government for help, they do not deserve to get the "Circle Run-Around " when they ask for help.

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