Friday, August 15, 2008

Russia as Abusive Ex, Georgia as Battered Wife (Revised)

Clouthier Gets it Right on Spousal Abuse Analogy
Melissa Clouthier over at Pajamas Media presents a great analogy today saying Georgia is the abused spouse to a bullying Russia. She gets it right from all angles, including the inexcusable role society plays in blaming the victim and supporting the aggressor.

I love, love, love this analogy. To play it out yet further… when abused spouse Georgia begs the courts for help, the judges offer only ineffective mediation, but do nothing while aggressor Russia plunders at will.Susan Katz Keating:

Since you guys like analogies so much how about this from C.Glick at the Jerusalem Post :

After Russia illegally invaded Georgia, European and American officials as well as Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama hinted that Russia had a legitimate right to invade, when they wrongly referred to South Ossetia as "disputed territory."

When disputed territory(Family Estates ) this gives courts the right to intervene and invade (family sovereignty) install Guardians (peacekeepers) who end up plundering at will and ultimately by charging huge fees end with the bulk of the Estate to the chagrin of family members who initially trusted the courts but who now are caught like 'deer in the headlights'.

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Anonymous said...

I think we need to grap a squadron or so Marines and place them around government buildings in a “defensive” posture. Then see if Russia continues to attack.

WW III, here we come!