Thursday, August 21, 2008

Political Refugees from America and Canada Intensifies

I just read this interesting article in the Delaware Online that talks about the recent phenomena of Americans moving abroad permanently...

“Adventure figured into the impulse. But equal considerations were living with less stress, disaffection for American political and social culture, and affordability, including health care.”
Overall, this matches my own rational for wanting to retire in Panama, namely: less stress, low cost of living, good health care, less taxes, and a great climate. The part about “disaffection for American political and social culture” correlates with what I have been told by most of the Americans I met in Panama. Many consider themselves to be “political refugees” and most cite this as at least one of the reasons behind their decision if not the main one. Frankly, if our Canadian Conservative government continues along its current trajectory, this will also become one of my reasons for moving.

“The Migration Policy Institute focused on retirees 55 and older increasingly drawn to Mexico and Panama by specific government incentives for foreign seniors. The lower cost of living was sweetened by special visas for pensioners, low taxes and discounts on ordinary household bills and purchases. But Americans abroad also have been faulted for rising real estate prices and setting up their own colonies in their new locales.”

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