Thursday, August 7, 2008

Carla Rae Sindelar.- They Just Don't Know When To Quit

February 23, 1990, exquisite Carla Rae Sindelar, through no fault of her own, was involved in a tragic car accident. She spent five months in the hospital and was left in a coma that would last for two long years. She awoke totally disabled and dependent.

Her Father devoted his life and his every waking moment to Carla’s recovery, providing for her constant care -- a task few people have the strength and the fortitude to endure.
He was forced to file for sole guardianship of Carla to fight the County for Carla’s right to remain at home. Remarkably, he managed to give Carla optimal care and ward off the legal attacks alone for seven years until the County finally gave him some assistance with Carla’s care. He was able, somehow, to survive the insurmountable stress of worry and the extreme demands placed upon him by the unjust and corrupt legal system.

Carla died in 2002 leaving her Father not only mourning the loss of his cherished daughter, but mourning for the precious time they could have spent together, as he is convinced the progress she had made since arriving back home gave rise to believe she would be up on her feet helping him today.

Their local village constantly plagued him with outside code violations seen by his neighbors as “targeting” him. Carla’s pastor, Rev. Kleinsteuber said just before he died “...even if the county had not helped, and just left him alone, Carla would be on her feet today.
The county is a cesspool of injustice!" He was among a few highly appreciated volunteers offering positive assistance. Why did it take over five years for the county to reluctantly provide Carla with 4- hours a day nursing? And yes, time her dad spent battling a cruel legal system for Carla’s basic rights could have been spent with her. Now he can only mourn her mistreatment, and for the precious time callously and unjustly stolen from them.

Elder law and Guardian Abuse takes in a whole plethora of abuse from children, to spouses, to parents, etc., and yet they all have something in common. The right to care for your own has been stripped away from family by the government for obvious reasons Ray. Money!
Also you might check this site and when emailing the owner of the page's contents, mention seeing it on my site if you will.

People need to be educated on the good that can come from publishing their terroristic treatment by our government and legal system.

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