Saturday, May 10, 2008

Clara Social Security Income ( No More)

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This is What Used to be Dr Fernandez Social Security Income that has benefited Clara , and kept her bills paid since her retirement. What right does anyone have to take this away and to to bill yourself for Dr. Fernandez's social security income. I think I know my father Dr. Fernandez well enough to know he would have wanted his social sec to benefit his wife by allowing her to stay in her home with ALL her bills paid, including the needs of her caregivers.

This is how much of Dr. Fernandez social security income , meant to benefit his wife and family is left

- $(-98.00)

Editors note: Since July of 2007 Clara's Social Security Income goes to pay for attorney fees, I get a lot of E mail from incredible readers who say "Ray they cannot take your mom Social Security it belongs to her and you are taking care of her." they say " the electric they cannot cut. it is against the law! " yeah right! What Law ?

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