Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A reference guide for anyone involved in the investigation or litigation of
a questioned document case

For years, I have been asked the same questions by attorneys, private investi- gators, and certified fraud examiners involved in forgery cases.

It was time to produce a seminar to make their life, and mine, a little easier. The two hour seminar includes a copy of Forgery - Are You Ready For Trial? on DVD. It contains a wealth of useful information arranged in six sections:

Section One: An Introduction to Document Examination.
Section Two: An Explanation of the Six Different Types of Forgery.
Section Three: Warning Signs that you might be dealing with a Forgery.
Section Four: Document Handling & Obtaining Evidence - the right way.
Section Five: The Consulting versus the Testifying Expert - be careful.
Section Six: The most-quoted Reference texts; the Vocabulary of the document examiner; direct & cross questions to ask the expert; a complete set of Master forms for obtaining handwriting samples from your client, victim, or suspect, and much more.

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