Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day From the Editor of ElderAbuseHelp.Org

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This Weekend we all went to swim with some very special animals that are friendly and intelligent creatures, the bond established with these amazing animals is hard to describe. It is said that the brain of these mammals are larger than that of humans, they communicate with humans in a manner that have been known to save lives as they can sense when something isn't quite right, e.g. pregnancy , and are sensitive to the disposition of humans being attracted to some and avoiding others who exhibit aggressive behavior . People who are trained in "dolphin language" can tell a lot by interacting with these mammals .

There are many theories as to how they are able to do this, that's a subject to complex to get into here, we'll leave that for another story and just say for now that sharing a portion of our holiday with these special creatures is an experience we will not soon forget!
Anyone wishing to swim with the dolphins contact E.A. and we will arrange for V.I.P. treatment along with a discount for readers of E.A.

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