Thursday, May 1, 2008

Please Help My Grandmother!

by Jason Fernandez

My father had the financial ability to care for his elderly mother ripped away from him due to greedy lawyers and sweetheart deals, tantamount to judicial misconduct.

I will fight tooth and claw to see that the lawyer, the state appointed guardian and even the judge are eventually held accountable for the suffering they are causing my grandmother. $400 an hour? For what? Its DISGUSTING! It wreaks of a shady back-room deal, and little notice is given for my family to dispute the judge's motions, adding to suspicions that the guardian, the lawyer and the judge may be in collusion. My grandfather worked hard for that money. This is not what he intended the money to go to!

Abuse of Chapter 744 (State Forced Guardianship) allows courts to take money from families and use it to pay lawyers to "guard it" is like using a fox to guard the henhouse!

Until, of course....its all gone. Until my grandmother is penniless and destitute.

We need to draw national media attention to the suffering of families at the hands of the government that is supposed to protect them.

I'm glad KWTN posted this story.

Please help me help My Grandmother Re gain Her civil rights.

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