Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Letters to Editor - Guardianship Matters

Guardianship corruption is rampant in this country. Please read the above web sites. The public needs to be informed. They could be next on the hit list!

One last comment to the first letter which was submitted concerning a woman's son who was ripping their mother off, then the courts became involved which only compounded the dilemma since the lawyer/guardian was another rip off con artist!

I want to warn everyone out there, it is NOT a good idea to get the courts involved in family feuds. You will always come out defeated, and the situation will be much worse than before. People need to work the best way they can within their families to work these situations out.

The courts (probate Judges and lawyers, social workers) love cases like this woman. It is a piece of cake to them! The usual plan of attack by the courts is to proclaim the family does not get along, therefore there needs to be a distant "third party" to take control of the disputed persons life affairs.

At that time the new guardian picked by the Judge who is usually a lawyer buddy, gains control of their new "Ward of the Court" assets. The new guardian chooses the facility to warehouse their ward. The family has no decision in the matter. The guardian chooses the wards doctors. The family has no decision in the matter. The guardian can and usually wastes no time stealing their wards home, assets and all belongings !

Now, your family member is left to die in utter loneliness, stuck away in a horrid so-called "care" facility, not even allowed visits, phone calls nor mail, from their own children and other family members.

I think every one should think good and hard before running to a lawyer when you feel your family member is being taken advantage of by another family member. You need to do the very best you can to try to work these situations out within your own family and leave the stinking courts out of it! If you don't the situation may turn out much worse than before!

Another safe guard we need to have in place to protect the vultures of the courts from "stealing our loved ones ", is we must all get our papers together.. we must all get Durable Power of Attorney Papers and also Medical Power of Attorney Papers written up and kept in a safe place. The papers must be done before a loved one becomes mentally incapacitated they specifically state in the papers our wishes to be carried out in the event we become mentally incapacitated.

Who will care for us, who will take care of our finances and make medical decisions for us if we get in an accident or become ill and cannot care for ourselves. People need to study the rules of getting a Durable Power of Attorney. The lawyers would have you believe you must get a lawyer to draw up these papers for them to be valid, but this is not the case. It is important to have them notarized at the time of signing.

Katie Morris from Hastings, Michigan

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