Friday, May 30, 2008

Letters to Editor -A Most Terrifying Story

I would like to tell my families most terrifying story, of abuse and neglect. It is abuse of a good law gone badly, abuse by the very court system that is supposed to be protecting our elderly and disabled.It is an abuse that is going on all over the US. This abuse is happening with the courts of our states approval.

The judges and attorneys, and people that are appointed to care for and guard from abuse, are the very ones who are doing the abusing.

My mother in-law was taken from the safety of her home kicking and screaming by Adult Protective Services, she was hidden from her husband and family, in ICU and observed for a week. Within 3 to 4 days of taking her, she fell and had to have stitches in her knee, with in a week and a half, she was in a vegetated state, all while in the care of the court and its appointed guardians.

You see, she had Alzheimers, I had known her at this time over 25 years, and she had always bruised easily, all her life. We do not know who for sure, called APS, and reported that she was being abused, and this set off a chain reaction, that I am hoping that the media will pick up and expose to the world.

My father-in-law checked himself into a nursing home to see if he wanted to live there to be close to my mother-in-law, or with us, in his home. During his 30 day trial the court appointed guardians had an ankle monitor put on him, and asked him questions about his family.

They used this information to lie in court and discredit the family. My father-in-law told the court that he wanted to go home and the court refused to let him. He lost his glasses and asked for them, and the guardian did not bother to get him any. The courts were granted a monthly allowance for things like new shoes, clothes, books, haircuts, or anything else that they might want or need personally, but there was nothing bought for them.

My mother and father-in-law had land, cars, investments, medical, home, and car insurances, they had pensions, mineral rights. They had a million dollars in total assets. The court has approved that the guardians take well over half, and pay them, to as they say protect and preserve my in-laws and their estate.

They have liquidated everything, sold the homestead below fair market value, and now they are fighting over who is getting paid how much out of the last $154,000.00 of my in-laws money from the sale of the Homestead.

And if thats not enough get this. They are refusing to pay for a Pre-need burial contract for my father-in-law. Instead they want to use my childrens CDs that were given to them by my father-in-law and money that my father-in-law gave to his son, to pay for his burial. We are going to court on June 6th, 2008 for a hearing on the money and CDs, and to see what the courts do about a burial contract for him.

Kim can be reached at

I have written this letter to send to media people to try and get some coverage, I know that I want to add about the judge on our case being sanctioned on another case and what he did, but I don't know if I should mention it, and post the links in it, or what, I would also like to tell how they treated us the family, but I want them to know that I am not out for us, it is what they did to two elderly people who they have abused, saying that we were abusing them.


Dear Kim;

Thank you very much for a letter clearly written from the heart, We know that you loved these two elderly people with all your heart, and now they have turned it around and say that it is you that was abusing them and they are protecting them from you. it is happening in every city in the USA. It is being called the Biggest Transfer of Wealth on our Nations History they are doing it because they can, there are no safeguards in place to protect our parents from this outrageous abuse of power that is making victims out of each and everyone of us.

As for the Judge you don't have to mention him we will do for you , it is the same probate Judge that placed Mildred Erle Veatch in a forced Guardianship and later turned up in her will along with Court appointed guardian and others officers of the court! The story was originally titled "Concerns Arise Over Guardians" and was printed here =>>

While reading this article keep in mind that everyone mentioned are in Kim's case or has been on it: The Judge, Beverly McClure, Roy Anderson, Duane Coker, Dr. Shupe, and many more. Please also note that Kim has contacted Terry Hammond, and Erica Woods, and many others and has not been helped in anyway.

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