Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Protecting The Elderly With David Kessler

Financial exploitation of the elderly is a CRIME. Too often, incidents of stealing from an elderly victim are misinterpreted as a "family matter," or the elderly individual is blamed for giving the suspect their money or property. A common misperception is that the perpetrator did not "take" the money or property from the victim, but that the victim "gave" their valuables to the perpetrator – therefore, how can it be a crime?

David Kessler can answer this question based upon the hundreds of cases he has investigated involving financial exploitation of the elderly. David's investigations have resulted in the conviction and imprisonment of PREDATORS.

David M. Kessler is a retired Police Officer (former Commander of the Financial Crimes Unit) with the Dekalb County Police Department in Decatur, Georgia. He has dedicated his professional life to providing education and guidance for public and private sector professionals on the topic of exploitation of the elderly, and making certain those who prey on elderly victims are punished.

David is available to train your organization's staff on this escalating problem of exploitation of the elderly. He can also share his expertise as a consultant for individual cases involving allegations of crimes against the elderly.

For more information on howDavid can train your staff orconsult on your situation, please call (614) 832-0741 or email:

We owe it to AMERICA'S GREATEST GENERATION – OUR SENIOR CITIZENS to protect them from those who are determined to steal their assets and dignity.

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Ben Hall said...

I agree with what you've said, and I would say that the best way to protect seniors against this type of fraud (and a range of other issues) is to educate them.

One relatively easy way to do this is to give free IT support to the elderly - by giving them a piece of software such as "Big Buttons" - available in CD format or free download at www.bigbuttons.com.au/free-download.

Eldy is another great solution to this issue (eldy.eu).