Saturday, May 17, 2008

California Dept of Manage Health Care Deals Blows to Insurers Practice of Dropping People After They Get Sick

Los Angeles, California USA

The settlement, brokered by the California Department of Managed Health Care, comes three months after a Gardena hair salon owner won an unprecedented $9-million judgment against Health Net for canceling her coverage while she was undergoing chemotherapy, halting her treatment.

"This important settlement should pave the way to similar agreements with other health plans to reinstate health coverage," he said. "Patients should not live in fear of losing their healthcare coverage when they need it most."
The practice of selling health insurance to only people who are healthy and don't need it is as lopsided as Guardianship practices of taking money from the people who needed the most, the old and the needy.

Somewhere along the line the Government and Congress is going to remember that they are there for the people and not that the people are there for them to fleece. You can only fleece the people so much then the economy starts to go on a downward spike that will ultimately hurt everyone.

As long as Politicians and lobbyist put the interest of attorneys and special interest groups over the people that they are supposed to protect the people will suffer.

* Lobbyist = A lobbyist is someone who is employed to influence the members of a legislative body (senate, house of representatives) and thus they are often seen as a possible tool of corruption, especially because they are most successfully employed by corporate groups who almost never have the public interest in mind.

“Before a community can prosper, the people must believe in their leaders. They must know that at the core of every decision is careful planning, hard work, and unbending integrity rather than partisanship or self-gain. They must trust that the awesome power of government is not being abused.”Linda Lingle quote

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