Friday, June 6, 2008


Treblinka , Nazi Concentration
Camp 1943

The perpetrator of this Holocaust Crime,the Concentration Camp commander,was hunted down, put on trial in Israel and hanged. He may not have personally with-held food from this victim, but he was in charge and held accountably.

America,USA , Nursing Home 2008

The perpetrator of this crime, taking place in a U.S. Nursing Home, the owner was never held accountable and he is still receiving thousands of our tax dollars from Medicaid and Medicare.

Why are so many of our Governors, Congressional Representatives, Senators and Assembly Members allowing this to happen and continue? Could it be in return for the millions of dollars they receive from the Nursing Home Industry for their campaigns ???

* Lobbyist = A lobbyist is someone who is employed to influence the members of a legislative body (senate, house of representatives) and thus they are often seen as a possible tool of corruption, especially because they are most successfully employed by corporate groups who almost never have the public interest in mind. on logo for website


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Allowed to refuse treatment as long as it is within the confines of the law
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Informed within reasonable time, if the in-home nursing service is about to get terminated
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Allowed to voice any concerns, grievances or suggestions without fear of restraint and discrimination
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It should probably be noted, that none of the wartime leaders -- Churchill, de Gaulle, Roosevelt, Truman or Eisenhower -- mentioned anything in their memoirs or other writings about any attempted "extermination" of Jews.

Obviously, there was severe disease and hunger, thanks to the aerial campaign initiated by Britain against Germany. It prevented food and meds from reaching the camps; hence the emaciated bodies.