Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Urgent Action Alert ! Inmediate Action Warranted

Thanks to : Marguerita Ludwig SpotLight On Elder Abuse

Laws to protect seniors and dependent adults from abuse by court-appointed conservators are under threat as California lawmakers seek painful cuts to close the state's $15.2-billion budget deficit.

By Jack Leonard Los Angeles Times


We all need to Contact Our Calfifornia Lawmakers and head this off, we all need to act Now!

The automated letter writer that is used by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce , it composes your letters in a professional format, addresses your letter, and then you write the body of the letter and it then fills in your return address, pertinent information, and then gives you the choice to print a hard copy or email to recipient.It give you the ability to effortlessly write several dozens letters in a few minutes and make your voices be counted.

All We need for Evil to Prevail is for Good People to Remain Silent

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