Friday, June 6, 2008

Judicial Favors Nets Judges Jail Sentences

Shreveport,LA,USA KTBS 3 News

Caddo Parish judges Michael Walker and Vernon Claville, convicted over the weekend on corruption charges, will retire effective July 2.
Authorities also have moved both men to federal prisons while they await sentencing: Walker to the correctional center at Texarkana and Claville to a prison in Seagoville, Texas, just outside Dallas.

Walker, 58, and Claville, 57, were convicted this past weekend of taking bribes in return for judicial favors. U.S. District Judge Maurice Hicks ordered them jailed immediately after the verdict was returned. They will be sentenced in September.

Federal prosecutors had asked the judge to keep Walker and Claville in jail pending sentencing on Sept. 4. Walker, a Caddo District Court judge who presided over drug cases, and Claville, a juvenile court judge, both face up to 20 years in prison.

An attorney for the judges has submitted retirement letters to the state. Both men will be entitled to their state pensions.

Judges to remain in jail until sentencing=>>


Anonymous said...

The fabric of this nation is coming unglued if they are allowed to get their retirement's. I guess the money will be used to buy new golf clubs at this prison they are to attend.

Anonymous said...

Retirement?! You have got to be kidding! We get to continue paying their salary for the rest of their life and while they are in prison? Does this mean they are still on the payroll? If I were to do something like this with my company and go to prison do you think I would be able to continue drawing a check and still be able to retire. This is outrageous, but that is just what a joke our system of government is and why it is in the shape it is in.

Anonymous said...

The dishonesty is just going to continue, and the laws are allowing this to continue. That is what is wrong with the system. Judges and attorneys, and guardians think they are above the laws, and so far they are getting away with it, because no one higher up cares to put a stop to it. It makes me wonder, if they are not getting paid off.