Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Story That Must Be Told of Nursin Homes and Fires

by William Roberts

A long time advocate for elder rights received a phone call from a young CNA! A young CNA that had just begun working at a nursing home in the same area. And she needed the job.

The CNA explained that every night it was the same: After the residents had dinner all the staff would leave! She was the only one there! (except for a maintenance guy that was always outside, for some reason) She said there were people on the floor, crying, wetting themselves..... and she, alone, could not lift them. She was afraid to complain the nursing home
administrators for fear of losing her job!

My friend drove to the nursing home and found it just as the CNA had described! She told the CNA that she would be right back.

She, then, walked across the street to the 7-11, bought a few packs of cigarettes, and returned to the nursing home. She went to the dining hall, which was closed, put the cigarettes in a bowl and lit them on fire! And opened all the windows!

She walked back across the street to the pay phone and dialed 911. She told them that she could see smoke coming out of the windows from across the street.

The fire department sent a drive by and guess what? They didn`t find a fire but they found people on the floor laying in their dinner, urine, crying ............

The nursing home was fined, and put on notice!

What a class act! She is my friend and all of ours!

PS. And, by the way, the CNA kept her job!

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