Friday, June 13, 2008

Take Action Alert With Dr. Phil

Just received this: A friend called to tell me that she heard Dr. Phil mention on a recent program that he did not think the government nor agencies should get involved with families.

Evidently, he has not heard about guardianships! I've suggested to the people I know experiencing or experienced this to write a short note to make him aware of this nationwide problem.

Please send some e-mails to him:

So, let's start emailing Dr. Phil!!! We all know that these guardianship abusers are all involved at SOME government level, then REAL abuse and exploitation starts in the government courts.

Please contact But please, contact the show via their web site:

You wanted an ACTION plan? Here's a perfect opportunity. Be sure to sign any emails with your name and your affilation with A.N.G.E.R., E.A. , Estate of Denial, and Advocates for National Guardianship Ethics and Reform.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Phil

I must confess that I haven`t had the time to watch your
show as often as I would like. But what I have seen is a man
that looks for and seeks out the good in people........and the
bad! And knows the difference.

Dr. in America, the terms "guardianship," "conservatorship"
refer to a court system that was designed to protect vulnerable
elderly as they struggle with mental or physical decline. But
what the system describes is not what is happening! Lawyers,
guardians, conservators, County agencies are charging astronomical
prices for their "services!" And it is all sanctioned by the
courts. It pivots on the issue of money and does so in incredibly
destructive ways.

Seniors have become victims of this legal process. Elderly
Americans are being robbed of their freedom and life savings by
a legal system created for their protection. It is a system that,
in practice, serves lawyers and guardians over clients.

Dr. Phil, people, reporters, family and victims of this corrupt
system are being intimidated, fired, threatened with legal and
personal "sanctions" if they describe, in public, their experiences
with a guardianship system that has become contrary to State statutes!
Statutes that describe a protective system that is necessary for all
of us as we age. And, Sir, it has been described, by some, as
reminiscent of what happened in Nazi Germany.

This is court-sanctioned corruption and has become wide spread
throughout the United States. Many elderly are, actually, refusing
needed medical attention for fear of being caught up in a system
that financially rapes their estates, alienates families and places
the "conserved" in terrible and neglectful nursing homes. In many
cases the conservatee is drugged and over-medicated as court appointed
lawyers and guardians spend their money as if it was theirs! And the
conservatee usually has no idea of what is being done to him or her.
The conservatee has been deemed "incompetent" by the court and almost
always without a fair process. Estates and assets are turned over
to complete strangers - lawyers and guardians - that have ulterior
motives and agendas..... money!

Dr. given the themes of your shows and the goodness you seem to
incorporate, I feel, as many others do, that the treatment of our
mothers and fathers in the US, is something that would be of interest
to Dr. Dhil.

Thank you for your time, Doctor.

William Roberts
2135 Nord Ave. #46
Chico CA. 95926

Ray said...

I sent this message to ask Dr. Phil:

My mother and father-in-law were taken over by the Probate court, and were locked in a nursing home against their will, they were drugged, their life savings was taken to pay court fees, guardians, attorneys who did not do a thing to "PROTECT OR PERSERVE" my in-laws or their estate. These people have taken everything from the last penny that was worked for and saved all their lives, to their lives, their civil rights, their dignity........ The family was split up, not allowed to visit, not told of health conditions, or allowed to help make any medicial decisions. The family was accused of stealing, forcing them to give them money. The wards as they are called are left broke, and put on Medicaid for the state to pay for their care, and housing.
Dr. Phil, this issue is going on all over the U.S. in all states. Please check out:

Estate of Denial:

ADvocates for National Guardianship Ethics and Reform

National Association To Stop Guardianship Abuse at:


Elder Abuse Help:

All of these sites, are working for the same goal, and that is to change the laws, so that the courts in each state, and county in the U.S. can not abuse our elderly/disabled loved ones. This many differnet groups, can not all be wrong for wanting to stop this abuse, it is becoming an epidemic and it is running ramped.

Kim Manire