Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Open Letter to Chief Justice Roberts

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
Presiding Officer of the Judicial Conference of the U.S.
c/o Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, N.E
Washington, D.C. 20543

Dear Mr. Chief Justice Roberts,

I am addressing you as Presiding Officer of the Judicial Conference, as I did last February 9 and March 27 to comment on the Rules for Judicial Conduct and Judicial Disability Proceedings. Thereunder will be processed my complaint against U.S. Bankruptcy Judge John C. Ninfo, II, WBNY, for bias, prejudice, and abuse of power in support of a bankruptcy fraud scheme and its cover up. I am sending you a copy of it below.

The complaint will provide the opportunity to determine whether those Rules and the Breyer Report that preceded them were only parts of the strategy of the Federal Judiciary to mislead Congress into believing that it was making an honest effort to exercise responsibly its Congressionally granted power of judicial self-discipline.

The complaint concerns the abuse by Judge Ninfo of unaccountable power on behalf of the other most insidious corruptor: money! Lots of it, for

1) Judge Ninfo has allowed the whereabouts of at least $673,657 of a debtor to remain unknown -$291,470 earned in just the three years preceding the debtor’s filing of his bankruptcy petition and $382,187 received in a string of eight mortgages-

2) the debtor was a 39-year veteran of the financing and banking industries and claimed in his bankruptcy petition to have only $535 in hand and on account and after filing it remained employed in precisely the bankruptcy department of a major bank with $65 billion in assets;

3) that bank and the debtor were represented by a partner of the law firm of which Judge Ninfo was a partner at the time of taking the bench; and

4) another lawyer for the debtor had taken before Judge Ninfo, according to PACER [Public Access to Court Electronic Records], 525 cases, which pale by comparison with

5) the 3,907 open cases before the Judge that the bankruptcy trustee had out of

6) the unmanageable 3,909 cases that the assistant U.S. trustee and the Trustee for Region 2 let him amass, both of whom

7) allowed the bankruptcy trustee, who had no time to request and review supporting documents from debtors, simply to rubberstamp the debtor’s bankruptcy petition to collect his 10% fee from every payment to the creditors by recommending its approval to

8) Judge Ninfo, who to cover up for them denied me every single document that I requested both to survive

9) the debtor’s artifice of a motion to disallow my claim at a sham evidentiary hearing, and prove what

10) this is: insiders of the bankruptcy system running a bankruptcy fraud scheme.

This complaint is based on incontrovertible facts found in the debtor’s bankruptcy petition and the evidentiary hearing transcript.[1] It is before Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs of the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [tel. (212)857-8500]-, which has an insurmountable conflict of interests, for Judge Ninfo is its reappointed appointee.

Now it is also before you [tel. (202)479-3023] and the Judicial Conference [tel. (202) 502-1100] so that when it is dismissed with no special committee investigating it, as were systematically 99.88% of the 7,462 filed in 1997-2006, you all can be shown to know what you have been doing: tolerating a judge engaged in coordinated wrongdoing with others.

Thus, I respectfully request that you use the Rules’ ‘informal means for disposing of complaints’ to cause

a) the appointment of a special committee,
b) its issuance of the proposed document production order [1], and
c) the publication of its report.

Meantime, I look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Richard Cordero, Esq.
59 Crescent Street
Brooklyn, NY 11208
tel. (718)827-9521

[1] http://Judicial-Discipline-Reform.org/JNinfo/DrCordero_v_JNinfo_6jun8.pdf [with a Service List containing contact information useful to conduct phone interviews and send letters]

To find out what is at stake in pursuing the facts of this case through a Watergate-like Follow the Money! investigation, see the proposal at http://Judicial-Discipline-Reform.org/DeLano_case/to_editors.pdf . It contains links to official complaint statistics and to graphs illustrating them.

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I did not hear Norton's comment, I only read it, so
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