Friday, June 13, 2008

We Can't Afford Another Six Years of Mario Picking Politics Over Principles and Families.

A week from now, George W. Bush will host a fundraiser for Mario Diaz-Balart behind closed doors in Naples.

No cameras will be allowed inside the event -- only wealthy Bush Republican donors willing to pay a couple of thousand dollars for a steak lunch.

It's not surprising that Bush will go to bat for Mario. He's been one of Bush's most reliable rubber-stamps, from the Iraq War, to a failed energy policy, to an economy agenda that's harmed our community.

While Mario grabs $2,300 checks from a small group of Bush loyalists behind closed doors, I'm running a different kind of campaign -- a people powered campaign. In the coming weeks I'll be holding a series of small-dollar fundraisers in neighbors' homes and at local diners. And George Bush will not be invited.

Please help kick-off this fundraising stretch and help us match Mario's Bush money. Can you donate $50 dollars today?

Mario can run to the confines of a closed-door fundraiser, but he can't hide from the residents of South Florida. We are holding Mario Diaz-Balart accountable for his record of voting 100% with George Bush's disastrous economic policies, his three votes against children's health care and his staunch opposition to a new GI Bill.

We can't afford another six years of Mario picking politics over principles and families.

Our community needs an independent voice in Washington that will fight for working families. That's the kind of leadership I offer.

Give us the boost and help us beat the Bush/Diaz-Balart fundraising machine. Donate now:

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Anonymous said...

Guardianship nightmares and the other horrors lead by Bush, will not end until he is held accountable. Lack of values for our and constitutional and human rights, corrupt judicial systems, industry corrupted government oversight agencies (which "we the people" pay to serve and protect), deals like TMAPS (robbing the lives of our most vulnerable, even children; while defrauding Medicaid), and destroying the trust of citizens and other countries with lies which justified his desire for war, is more than enough reasons to impeach.
I was ignorant about all the favors that Bush delivered to his contributors. As I found the many wrongs in Texas, I researched only to find another Bush favor to the evil and greedy predators. When we see impeachment, we will have restored hope. If we see imprisonment and criminal charges, we will see justice restored.