Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Guardianship Laws Being Violated in Florida

Sarasota,Florida .USA

It appears Florida has corralled several devious people connected with the law - this time guardianship judges and some members of the bar that are elder law attorneys. Laws apply to everyone BUT some that do not feel they must abide by the laws.

By violating Amend XIV, U S Constitution and Article I, Section 23, Florida Constitution they have removed the dignity of one elderly citizen and ordered guardianship when the required documents to prevent guardianship were prepared while this elderly citizen was of sound mind. This violation is now depleting the elderly citizen's funds at an alarming rate.

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Olivias Mom said...

Violations are being violated in every single state in the United States.
I am asking every person who reads this blog, one question.. When are we going to start knocking on WASHINGTONS doors?
It is time to do a march straight to the white house and demand justice. Would'nt this create an uproar int he middle of these ridiculous elections?
I for oen am tired of standing by watching, waiting and getting nowhere.. I am ready to take a REAL stand against our eniemies.

Angela ( Advocate for the elderly in Illinois)