Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Letters to Editor : Re: Clara G Fernandez , Adalberto Fernandez and William A. Hart

Dearest Readers,..

I and my fellow colleagues against 'ELDER ABUSE' have read both web sites in regards to Mrs. Clara G.Fernandez. We,(most of us in the legal profession),agree that both web sites prove that Mrs.Clara Fernandez was a victim of her eldest son. This
is 'clearly' a case of an elder brother (approx. 7 years senior), & his younger brother!

This story reads like "A modern day Cain & Abel

-Older brother, jealous of younger brother, younger brother has a very close-knit relationship with the mother, older brother lives entire life spiteful & hates younger brother, younger brother caught up in a web of the older brother's scam to abduct the mother, eldest brother suspects the mother is unable to handle any of her affairs, personal & especially financial, an abduction takes place!

Mother of two brothers is at a most vulnerable time in her life, husband barely recovering from a 'stroke', all alone in her thoughts, hence, the perfect time for the older spiteful brother in for revenge & the scam of a life-time! Older brother & 'life-partner' have scammed elderly women for years prior to the abduction of Clara G. Fernandez, therefore, techniques to fleece Clara are "honed skills",...

"And so the games begin!!!" The mother is scammed into a 'so-called' visit with eldest son & his mate, out of pity & confusion, she succumbs to the eldest son's scheme. The mother finds herself unable to return home & is told 'her ailing husband died' by eldest son & 'life-partner'. Clara's life turns into a living HELL Family members try to locate & retrieve her, they are taken on a "wildest goose chase", all the while, the mother is being shuffled around nursing homes, hospitals, friends homes, & her eldest son's residence. Her life is now isolation, confusion & despair, a life of being medically restrained, hygienic neglect & emotional turmoil.

The "Grand Fleecing" of the mother, emotionally, financially begins. It escalates to a scam on 'her life & assets' at the hands of the eldest son and his 'life-partner'."Years and tears pass."

The mother is finally located where she will be long enough to take action & the family, with the help of a Palm Beach judge & authorities, rescue her from her captors, a.k.a.- her eldest son & his male companion.

The mother is then placed into a protective guardianship with her nephew, a doctor in a near-by county & finally returned home to her husband, youngest son, grandchildren & daughter-in-law.

The story should have had a "Happy Ending" right there, she could have been rehabilitated physically, mentally & emotionally,& she would have been spared years of additional anguish & financial ruin! But the eldest brother continued his attacks on his brother & the entire family, including extended family members. The State of Florida, through the aid of several 'tainted' D.C.F & Local Law Enforcement agents, unduly placed Clara in a forced guardianship, one of numerous lawyers, (not qualified guardians), & Clara was being 'fleeced' again by high profile lawyers "on the take", charging her & her heirs estate $300.00 - $450.00 hr. to do the exact things that Clara's family was doing for, free. "Oh the horror of it all!"

Consequently, the eldest brother & 'life-partner's' scam becomes the scam numerous lawyers & others profiteer on! Those lawyers had a"free-ride"!! "Does Clara goes without?" Clara was made to go 'without' when she was with the eldest son & 'life-partner', & at the mercy of the "forced court appointed guardians".

The eldest son made his mother go 'without' contact of family & friends, go 'without' proper care, personal hygiene & personal freedoms, go 'without' socialization other than with his 'life-partner's family members,(most of whom were in on fleecing her & her heirs).

Nursing home staff members that were told that she was not coherent nor cognitive,(since she was being 'drugged'), so they ignored her & dismissed her pleas to go to her Key West home. Clara's story, being told from two sides, is a great 'study' in the crime of elder abuse, all of the 'classic moves' have been made!

So as far as all of the research our team made in regards to Clara's "True Story", we can only surmise that documentation found on elderabusehelp.org proves to be verifiable & true, therefore, it is of our opinion that the rebutting site, clarafernandez.com is an attempt to 'smoke-screen' truth & the illegal actions of Mr. William Hart & Clara's eldest son, Al Fernandez

One of our panel members, a clinical psychiatrist, has determined that the 'life-partner', William Hart, has perpetuated postings & revisions of their web site, clarafernandez.com, in order to secure his place in his partner's life, otherwise, Mr. Al Fernandez would be inclined to pursue his life without Mr. Hart.

Therefore ladies & gentlemen, the verdict is in, it is ever so clear that Clara G. Fernandez, her husband, her youngest son, her friends & family were all victims of an elaborate revengeful scam of Mr. Al Fernandez & his 'life-partner' Mr. William (Bill) Hart.

The family's battle for Clara's freedom, sanity, & life was won when the "forced guardianship" was dissolved. Clara requested to be relocated to a place where she is safe, sound & well cared for. That request was honored, she is living on paradise!

We must all applaud the friends & family members that never gave up, never backed down, & fought for Clara's "God given rights" received from a 'Higher Power' the day she was born! We can officially announce; Mrs.Clara G. Fernandez is now protected by both National & International law, anyone wishing to compromise her quality of life will have to go through
the jurisdictions of two countries whose authorities acknowledged her well-being at this time. Penalties of both Nations will be strictly enforced against any acts or plots of terror towards her.
Clara is now free, happy, healthy. In a place where she is thriving, free from persons that abducted her, fleeced her & caused her & her family years of anguish. This now is a "Happy Ending"!

We who number in the thousands, will be monitoring & standing ready to assist Clara should there be any indication of threats on her security!!

"Sleep well tonight Mrs. Clara G. Fernandez, We have got your back this time!

Sr. Claude D. Jenkens & Co

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Anonymous said...

Thank God and all the 'Higher Powers" that this lovely old woman will have a peaceful and happy life now that she is out of harms way! I simply can not understand for the life of me, how this woman was put into this position by her own fleash and blood. That older son must have his marbles loose, and his partner had no business messing around with that family, none whatsoever! If anyone would to try to do anything to my mother, friend or soul-mate, life-partner, whatever, I would have them jailed!! As for the youngest son, I don't think the mother would have lived long if he had not fought to rescue his mother from his older brother. I think the older brother's idea of what the mother's life was suppose to be, was quite distorted, and he should be skinned alive. But that is just my thoughts folks! Please watch out for your elderly parents, they seem to be the target of anyone who thinks they can make a fast buck!

Camile, Ashland, KY.