Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have Written Congressmen and Senators, What Else Can I Do?

Dear Ray;

I live in Florida too, and have just recently gone through this shocking system. My companion of eleven years was taken to court by two greedy nieces who came in from out of town. My friend was taken to court this Summer , never to return home again. The locks were changed on his house and he was placed in a grungy "retirement home." It has been a nightmare! A guardian was given control of his medical and his finances. I am still the trustee, but the nieces are now fighting that! These are the same nieces that my elderly friend didn't even speak to for the past four years because they were wanting their mother, his sister, to change her will to leave more to them.

Do you know of anything more in Florida I can do?

I have already written to the congressmen and senators.

Author's name withheld upon request.


When I wrote about what is happening to our elders many still can't believe, and wrote to me, folks I am not making this stuff up, I wish I was this is really happening, right here in America....

People are afraid to speak up because of retribution, I know I been there, I was afraid to speak up during the time my mother was in a g'ship because these people have the power of life or death over your parents and if you piss them off they just might prohibit you from EVER seeing them ever again!

People are desperate for help, Congressmen turn a blind eye , politicians don't want to talk about it, elderly hardworking,law abiding, decent Americans write to me and ask ....

Do you know anything more I can do?

And they are AFRAID (as in terror) that their names be made public ! What does that tell you about a system that preys on the elderly and then uses fear to keep elderly members of the silent majority from letting the rest of you find out about what's is actually happening to our elderly population?

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