Sunday, September 6, 2009

United States Of America, Most Dangerous Place to Grow Old

News of elder abuse are coming in faster than I can keep up with..Why Not ? taking money from elders is easier than taking candy from a baby...The elderly are particularly susceptible to financial scams because they often feel isolated and are quick to trust new friends, experts say. Also, many have ailments that cloud their judgment and thinking, and thus can become vulnerable to financial predators.

The food chain of those who prey on the elders in order of importance.
2)Disgruntled relatives

4)Probate G'ship attorneys ( Not all) there are some honest but peer pressure keeps them from speaking out
John Woodbridge sued the former housekeeper of his late parents alleging that she stole more than $1.4 million from them by altering a will.
Garden Grove housekeeper accused of taking more than $1.4 million from a retired octogenarian couple with serious medical ailments...OrangeCountyRegister
Palm Beach,Florida USA - Once fiercely independent, stylish and elegant, Elly Lorey drew her last breath long after her brain stopped working properly.It will be up to a Palm Beach County jury to decide whether her death was the result of inhumane treatment by her daughter and son-in-law, Kerstin and Toby Fenn, or whether she succumbed naturally to Alzheimer's disease.

The medical examiner ruled that the cause of death was starvation and dehydration.
Lorey lived in "starkness and filth" in a locked, feces- and urine-stained room akin to a cage, she said. South Florida Sun Sentinel By Missy Diaz September 4, 2009
A Dalton woman was arrested Saturday for taking an elderly disabled veteran’s money and leaving him in a hot basement swarming with flies, authorities said. The Daily Citizen
MARTINEZ — An Oakley woman pleaded not guilty today to charges she stole more than $15,000 from a 93-year-old Rossmoor woman for whom she was employed to provide at-home.
Elder 92 year Old Starved to Death After Paying Rent and Losing his Savings to Elder Financial Abuse.The 92-year-old had been paying $300 a month for a room and care from Helen and Walter Pestinikas. Instead, the couple starved Mr. Kly to death, keeping his family from him while they drained more than $30,000 from his bank account. BY ERIN L. NISSLEY Staff Writer The Times Tribune - PA, USA

When probate allows within their ranks Judges and attorneys whose primary role is ' lets fleece the old codgers'
with no judicial oversight, zero accountability and little chance for meaningful jail time that would serve as a deterrent! What would you expect from the lower ranks?

Probate to Opportunists the message is clear .
" If you don't Abuse them and take their money , We Will !"

Former probate judge Phillips still evading jail

Posted: 04 Sep 2009 06:54 AM PDT

A spokesperson for the Alabama Attorney General’s office, which tried the case against Sherrie Phillips, said the notice of a request for review filed by Phillips last Friday in the Alabama Supreme Court.

Last October, a Covington County jury found Phillips guilty of theft by deception of $1.8 million and intentionally using her official position for unlawful personal gain for herself or a family member.

The case involved the estate of a deceased man, Cary Douglas Piper of Castleberry, in Conecuh County, who appeared at the time of his death to have no heirs and no will. Six first cousins were later identified.

During Phillips’ criminal trial, witnesses testified that she used a $1.8 million check from the estate to open a personal money market account with Edward Jones, using her home address and her Social Security number. She then spent more than $516,000 of the funds, with which she paid off personal debt, purchased two vehicles, paid for repairs to her home and loaned money to two relatives.


When Elders attempt to file complaints with the authorities they are often ridiculed and their cries for help ignored: " THE VICTIM HAD A HARD TIME SIGNING ON THE LINE AND HER HAND SHOOK CONTINOULYS. IT WOULD BE HARD FOR THE VICTIM TO TYPE SAID 2 PAGE LETTER SINCE SHE IS AN ELDERLY PERSON AND HAD A HARD TIME SIGNING THE STATEMENT." or in many cases the are dismissed as 'Civil' many elders do not have the time or resources to prosecute a civil case." SINCE THERE WERE NO PHYSICAL SIGNS OF ABUSE AND THE MATTER SHOULD BE HANDLED CIVILLY "

"Since elder and babyboomers compromise 'the silent majority' they will continue to be fleeced and led to the slaugherhouse in droves and because of 'lack of resolve'the problem will worsen before it gets better and America will become one huge fleecing and extermination camp for elders". Ray Fernandez,Editor


Anonymous said...

Because Clara was an elderly woman "whose hand was shaky",..
That is so prejudice!!
That is a 'civil rights' matter now, how can a law enforcement agent judge Clara's situation?
He has 'no' training or qualifications of working with the elderly, nor is he a doctor of any sort to be labeling her unable to have 'typed' the 2 page letter of complaint!
How does that make 'the letter of complaint' unworthy of reporting or of investigating?
A lot of complaints are typed up using 'WORD' on computers today, wake up and use your processors people, we live in a P.C. world, we have for some time now!
Besides, it is not against the law, nor is it inadmissible to submit a report that has been typed or dictated to be typed!
The law enforcement officer needs to change his status to "Honorable Judge" if he is going to be making statements as such!
Shame on him for belittling an elderly woman!
I was taught to respect my elders, what school of life did he attend?

Anonymous said...

"The system. Its totally messed up. Lawyers charge too much, lawyers don't want these cases, judges don't want to see them either. People avoid the topic because its nasty. The evidence never truly GETS looked at.The system avoids the prosecution. The laws are wrong. The competency-incompetency crap has to GO. The criminals are never truly punished. Agencies DO truly need more education and lawyers do too".

George F. Dickerman, Esq. said...

As terrible as elder financial abuse is, it's even more outrageous when commited by conservators who establish unnecessary conservatorships and then, with court approval, needlessly spend the conservatee's life savings and assets.

One California case in point: A conservator received a doctor's declaration stating that the proposed conservatee had no significant mental impairment and was perfectly capable of making sound financial and healthcare decisions.

That capacity declaration was never filed with the court. Instead, the conservator had the proposed conservatee evaluated by a geriatric medical doctor (whom the conservator regularly used on other cases) who concluded that the proposed conservatee had significant dementia, needed psychotropic (mood-altering) medications, and should be placed in a 24 hour lock down facility.

Relying upon this filed declaration, the court approved the conservatorship and, within four years, the conservator had spent the elder's $300,000 in savings.

After private attorney investigation and involvement (six years after the conservatorship was established), the court was finally convinced that the conservatee had the mental capacity to make sound healthcare decisions and terminated the conservatorship over the person. The request to terminate the conservatorship over the estate is still pending.

How can this occur? Because no family member or other interested person was available to step up to the plate and raise objections.

Please, when you suspect that an elder is being financially ripped off, contact a private attorney, a pro bono legal services agency, or some public entity and seek help.