Monday, September 7, 2009

Elders Kept in Concentration Camp Conditions in the USA*

Many of you are in EstateOfDenial of the constant barrage of news of Elders whose lifetime of sacrifice,savings,home,are confiscated then are sent off to what channel 7 ABC News describes as prison camp conditions in this report =>>here then the report goes on to say that elders in the camp are made to forced to "go to the bathroom in buckets." reminiscence of reports from camps in Nazi Germany?

Only a handful of these cases make it to the prime time media, then you have the usual hand wringing of politicans who plead ignorance and make statements like Senator Jane Nelson who says, “I could not believe that what I was seeing was taking place in this country,” said the Senator from Texas.

The Senator,Congressmen,Judges,and the vast 'silent majority' might not want to believe that this is happening in the USA but guess what Senator! It's time to start believing because there are too many of us who have lived the forced incarcerations, the degradation,the confiscation of even social security income that the elders depend on for their very survival (documented) .

“I just can’t imagine how this can happen. It is so degrading,” said Senator Jane Nelson of Michael and Jean Kidd's forced incarceration,isolation and confiscation and planned sale of their home, well senators, friends, You better start 'Imagining' and you better start 'Believing' because this is far too real and too horrifying to turn our head the other way and pretend it isn't happening.

*I say concentration camp conditions because 'prison camp' conditions is not accurate and is attempt to whitewash the crimes being committed against our elder population by our subservient MSN media . I say this because in prison camp conditions prisoners are NOT forced to go in buckets but have bathrooms, prisoners are given the benefit of legal help, our elders are not, prisoners are not chemically restrained, our elders are, prisoners are not isolated from their families, Our elder are.

**I might add that investigators only do something about this problem when widely reported in the mainstream media, for the vast majority of Elders Americans caught in the snare don't have access to the mainstream media, the confiscation,the forced isolation,the degradation,the agony goes on unabated.

by Ray Fernandez

Video Released by ABC News Saturday, September 05, 2009

Watch Video here=>>

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,

Well said! I wonder if Latifa Ring has written Senator Jane Nelson? I wonder if Latifa would try to arrange for Senator Nelson to listen to the facts that we can share with her …

Meanwhile, thank you for the encouragement which you've provided me in my dealings with the Ohio AG's Elder Abuse Commission. I'll continue to keep you posted so that you will know and be able to share with others the Commission's efforts ...