Sunday, September 6, 2009

For Every Victim Reported There Are Many That You Don't Hear About

By Michael Owens Reporter / Bristol Herald Courier
Published: September 6, 2009

BRISTOL, Va. – Kim Clabo’s mother-in-law entered the National Healthcare Bristol nursing home in 2003 with a penchant for autobiographies on tape. She gushed about movie stars and strong women, and fondly recalled her ball dancing days.A year later, the woman whose family considered a great conversationalist was gone.

.....the NHC nursing staff kept the woman sedated with anti-psychotic drugs, prescribed to keep her quiet.......

..Now that a former nursing aide who cared for Clabo’s mother-in-law has been arrested on charges of sexual abuse, Clabo wonders if they got it all wrong.

Was her mother-in-law a casualty of old age, or a silent crime victim?
“She never told me that she had been abused,” Clabo said. “But she would never have told me something like that.”

“Me and my family are experiencing emotions that we can’t explain.”

Abridged for E.A. read it all here=>>
Yes I know, You didn't believe this could happen in 'your family' to your 'mother' who did not complain perhaps she did not want to worry you or perhaps she was too drugged out of her wits, she was given drugs to keep her quiet while she was being (allegedly)physically and emotionally raped.You did not think this could happen because you 'trusted'.
We all trusted, Welcome to the wonderful world of Disney. We all been there, not just our parents but we all have been raped.

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