Sunday, September 13, 2009

Woman Found Dead, Daughter Arrested For Elder Abuse

By Staff

Bakersfield, CA--Darlene Blair was found dead on her living me floor around noon on Friday. Her daughter, Dana Blair was arrested for elder abuse.

The Kern County Sheriffs Department says they were called to the home at 1111 Dawn way in South Bakersfield after receiving a call from a medical unit that had been dispatched to the home for the death.

While medical crews were at the home a verbal argument broke out and they called deputies to assist.

Neighbors say they have called 911 numerous times and have witnessed Dana abusing her mother, "It all was bad, the black eyes, the bloody lips, the bruised ribs, everything, it was bad" said Jean Hodge, Blair's next door neighbor.

Hodge claims that on Thursday night she witnessed Dana push her mother off the front step. Hodge went over to assist with the injuries and says Darlene looked like she "had been in a car accident."

Deputies were called to the home for that incident but according to Hodge Darlene refused treatment and help so they left.

"Its the elderly not wanting to speak against their loved ones, they love them, and it was her daughter, I mean what are you going to do," said Hodge.

The Sheriffs department does not know if the alleged abuse had anything to do with the death. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday to determine the actual cause.

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