Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tips on Stealing Your Parents Blind

There are few crimes that are as easy to get away with or are as profitable as fleecing the older folk, they seldom complain, these type of crimes are more difficult to solve and the authorities most often brand them as "civil" and shy away from them leaving the perpetrators a free hand to distribute the booty with others and if you can enlist the aid of a disgruntled family member, then you won half the battle.....

The best time to strike is when they start to get dementia, and after a recent hospitalization or fall that's when they are the most vulnerable and the best time to make your move.

Going at it alone is not recommended among
knowledgeable 'probate circles' always be willing to spread the wealth and buy a little insurance, enlist the aid of a 'Probate Specialists.' they are readily available in every city and they have contacts with Judges,Doctors, Psychiatrists, and other who will help you put it all together and see to it that the elders are stripped of their rights,chemically restrained in a nursing home ,and their wealth confiscated, the only draw back to this method is that the probate bunch is a hungry machine and there is often nothing left for the heirs, legitimate or those disgruntled souls that are owed by the years of disrespect at the hands of the elders who then become a target for (IRA) Involuntary Redistribution of Assets.

If you move fast, members of the "probate specialists" will make themselves available to you, they will be happy to assist you strip the elder(s) of all their rights so that their wealth can be more easily distributed.

Usually the rule of thumb is after they (the elders) become disabled or infirm the first to get to them keeps the booty so you must move fast at the fist sign of a weakness or disability that by the time that the legitimate heir gather the thousands of dollars needed to counter a legal claim you will have made the entire elders estate disappear as if by magic and if hard pressed you can always enter into a negotiated settlement that lets the legitimate heirs keep whatever is left of the elders assets while you make off with the lion's share and smile all the way to the bank!

As the Barkers found out going at it on your own is not recommended and is frowned upon by the probate people and other professionals of the IRA trade.
This article was penned by the author as satire and in no way condones or encourages the despicable practice of preying on our elders

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