Monday, February 4, 2008

Fake Prostate Operation Cost Elder Real Money

Valley, California, USA By Leslie Griffy

A urologist who performed a painful cancer treatment on a patient who didn't have the disease has pleaded guilty to felony charges of elder abuse and insurance fraud.

Ali Moayed, 41, of Monte Sereno is facing up to one year in jail under a plea agreement with Santa Clara County prosecutors. Moayed - who entered the guilty plea Friday - will be formally sentenced March 7. He has already surrendered his medical license.

Moayed created fake lab reports indicating that three of his patients suffered from prostate cancer, which they didn't have, according to court documents.

Initially, he pleaded not guilty and faced seven years in prison. He changed his plea Friday, when prosecutors dismissed three other felony charges. Moayed will be sentenced in March and is expected to serve up to one year in jail and 100 hours of community service, while paying $65,000 in restitution costs. He can no longer practice medicine in California.(How many states does that leaves ?)

About 218,000 American men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year.

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It just breaks my heart that this man that performed fake prostate operation on elders will have to serve one year in jail, doesn't it you, maybe he can get out early on good behavior. Wonder how many are there dentists, etc that don't get caught?

How about the emotional upheaval he caused this people and their families by telling them they had cancer! and all he gets is one year in jail,you get more jail time for drug possession than for elder abuse, that's the message that we are sending out, the rewards of elder abuse are great, you can make a fortune, the risk, almost non existent.

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Anonymous said...

"Risk, non-existant" true words and the evil doers know it. Shameful and disgusting that a professionally trained doctor would do something like that. Surely we want learn he got off on "good behavior".