Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Could This Could Happen to Someone You Love!

this just in from a reader: On February 19 there will be a story on channel 5 here in NY about Esta Varon the lady in the green sweater in Annie's youtube video (search for esta varon). The story focuses on how and why such a healthy and capable woman was put in an assisted living place against her will.
Listen to Esta, who clearly tells it like it is.

Without listening to the whole program on channel 5 , I can only take a guess but I can tell you the reason Clara G. Fernandez was put in several nursing homes against her will and drugged was because ruthless financial predators had helped themselves to her savings, CD's,stock and bonds accounts, and if you incapacitate the victim and put her in a nursing home, how is anyone going to find out, unless someone publishes a web site and tells the world.- hence the law of un intended consequences.

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