Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Letters from Readers : The Problem with Judiciary Accountability

I want to say your blog is awesome.

Thank you for bringing all of this great information to the public's blind eye.I found your blog several months ago due to researching elder abuse and the corruption and that follows it.For over a year now, I have been personally investigating a guardian here in Illinois that has been abusing, neglecting and stealing from hundreds of elderly persons.

She is politically connected and has close ties with with court system.I, along with another person have reported this person several times to the so called elder protection agency and they have done nothing.We also called the states attorney's office and all they did was give us some tips and tell us to call the police.

The police say this is a matter for the courts, meanwhile this woman continues to rape the elderly from their dignity and rob them of everything they own.

I was very pleased to see the FOX News do that report. I certainly hope they will do a story on what is going on in my area of Illinois.This woman has literally been given the freedom and legal right to steal millions from hundreds of people with the total help from the entire court system here.I have had many sleepless nights over these horrendous crimes committed by this woman.

I have been threatened by her attorney to leave this alone etc..She has utilized almost every attorney in this county and received her glorious rubber stamp by the judges.We found out that she pays people finders fees to bring her these elderly people.

She has literally picked them up off the street and has bragged about it. Since she has friends in high places, she obtains personal information about elderly people and seems to almost always choose her victims by the fact they have almost none or no living family, no children etc..

She also is in cahoots as you call it with several nursing homes. I could go on and on but this is your blog. I Just wanted to share little bit of my story and give you a HUGE thanks for continuing to make the public aware.Someone out there has got to care about these elderly people, unfortunately for the elderly people that I am trying to protect, I have not found anyone yet.


Dear A.J ;

Thanks for writing , judging from the quantity of letters and request for phone calls and recently interviews , your concern seems to be overwhelming a lot of folks and not just in Illinois alone.

This is a matter that bears serious investigation, and that is once an elder is incapacitated the feeding frenzy that follows by the very same people who should be supporting and aiding the family to validate their experience , overcome this tragedy and get back on their feet quickly , but instead choose to spend the elder's money villifying the family in order to discredit and make sure that the elder's own family never gets to exercise their God given rights to conduct their families affairs.

This is a matter of public interest that the media and superior judges are starting to notice and address because what you talk about seems to be more a part of the problem than a part of the solution.

We have been asked to cover this subject both ways, to give credit where credit is due and to expose the practice of penalizing abused elders and their families by talking away their dignity, by stripping their families of the God given right to make the decisions that are theirs and theirs alone.

Editors Note: We consider ourselves lucky in that we have a a good and a honest guardian, however we resent the fact that our resposibilities , to make desicions as to our parents have been stripped from us and given to a stranger and how well intentioned he might be , he still a stranger that needs to be paid for his time and the fact that our parent could have been abused and her assets improperly taken, is now a matter being litigated and up to the court to decide , this does not justify the villification, the constant suspicions, and the 'aura of guilt' that has been hung around our necks at a time when we need the most support in caring for our elder

It has been well documented that we have done an excellent job of caring of our parents, we ask the court and the courts representatives to step back and allow us to do the job of caring of our parent, please remove the shackles and the millstone hanging around our necks....

The situation is bad enough in having to deal with the ageing, incapacitation of our relative , let alone having to fight the entire court system that does wishes not take into consideration prior directives and the rights of the elder to the "Least Restrictive Form of Governance" per Florida statues meant to protect the elder and the elder's family from the abusive intrusions into our private lives that elder abuse families are often subject to.

And AJ don't give up there are good people who care, We certainly care and many others , unfortunately public agencies have not been given the tools or resources to deal with this problem, and their hands are also tied , but together , keep talking , keep writing letters, keep telling people what you know, together we can and are making it better for our elders everywhere by raising attention to this problem.

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