Thursday, February 7, 2008

Spokesman for DCF Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

by Whitney Ray of Capital News Service

A Department of Children and Families Spokesman, arrested on child pornography charges, had a record.

Hear it here: Spokesperson Arrested, DCF Looking At Screening Process

Al Zimmerman was the face for the Department of Children and Families, now Investigators say he’s a reminder that child predators (and elder abusers) come from all walks of life.


E.A. and its readers acknowledge that DCF is a valuable resource it is our hope that DCF remains un blemished .

In view of recent headlines involving one of the department's spokespersons that had been arrested and has a criminal record, the bringing to light of this situation by the authorities confirms the diligence of the authorities to keep this dept clean .

We have always taken the position that a few bad apples can have a devastating effect.

We know of workers that have had their records expunged for crimes of moral terpitude who are still working as social workers and counselors , sooner or later the truth will be revealed and damage the reputation of the thousands of honest hard working social workers and Adult Protective Investigators that are doing a good job.

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