Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sixty Two Year Old Kept 30 days Without Food!

Darlington.- South Carolina USA . initial report by By Jamie Rogers E-mail

EMS personnel who were contacted , responded to the home and found an 84-year-old woman and a 62-year-old woman in serious condition, Watson said.Both were taken to a local hospital where the 62-year-old woman’s condition is so critical that hospital staff are not expecting her to live, Watson said. It appeared that the 62-year-old had not eaten in more than 30 days, according to WBTW News13 reports.

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Anonymous said...

But do you know what they do? Cockroaches? Here is what
cockroaches - almost the lowest form of life - do to protect
their parents. (it is, absolutely, amazing, how they take care
of their elderly)

The Queen/mother cockroach is protected like Fort Knox all
through her fertile days! Beyond that, she and her mates/
impregnators are allowed to live out their lives with an army
of roaches protecting and catering to their every need. And
no one or thing is allowed to bother them!

Doesn`t this make you sick to your stomach? That the lowest
form of life has more respect and love for their elderly than

Ray said...

Thank so much Williams for writing E.A. I had no idea roaches cared so much about their parents, yes actually it is kind of disgusting , personally though Williams I like Vultures, at least they have the courtesy to wait until you are dead to pick your bones and pluck your eyes out, which is more than I can say for some humans.

Anonymous said...

the situation is already clearly way out of hand unless there is a crackdown on elder abuse we are all in trouble

Anonymous said...

More suffering for the elderly and vulnerable in Darlington, SC. and throughout America. My brother, was also a victim of abuse, neglect and exploitation in Darlington County, SC. The nightmare continues. Wake up, officials in SC and America!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a nightmare our elders are having to go through, and the families of the victims are often made to suffer more than the victims themselves.