Saturday, February 9, 2008

Four arrested in ID theft, elder abuse scheme

Fresno,California,USA Authorities are holding a news conference this afternoon in Fresno to announce the arrests of four people in connection with an investigation involving dozens of cases of identity theft and elder abuse.

Taking part in the news conference are Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer, Frank Ducar, a U.S. Postal Service inspector team leader, John Savrnoch, an assistant Fresno County district attorney, and representatives from the Fresno County Sheriff's Department's elder abuse unit.

All of the arrests reportedly were made Thursday. Two of the suspects are described as Bulldog gang members.

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Marla said...

Too bad they are covering up what appears to be the biggest real estate theft / real estate fraud operation in history. It takes place behind the felony altering of city sewer and water lines. How else can the ringleader carry out his 45+/- "secret sideline" than to annihilate innocent residents of Fresno, CA. Clearing the path, not only to have sewer/water lines altered but end with new deeds entailing illegally altered property lines but in some cases, fraudulent financing information. Fraud on top of fraud.
The felony alterations are now being tied into the main line during the infrastructure upgrade - no one sees or questions anything. He and the city risk analyst were caught wiping people out - followed by fraudulent and/or forged deeds. In some cases, victims never seen again.
Reporting this resulted in extreme anger from city officials because it is linked to our so-called "water shortage." Behind the lies and altered city records is a massive and tragic cover-up.
The ringleader is my former employer who I have known 25 yrs - I have much more information that would greatly assist in a successful prosecution.