Tuesday, February 5, 2008

South Carolina Outraged by Elder Abuse Seeks to Toughen Penalties Against Elder Abuse

South Carolina,USA Written By Kelly Gillespie submitted by Malone

A new bill that stems from the death of a Florence senior citizen has been introduced to the S.C. House of Representatives to help protect the elderly.

“It’s one of those things — it was a bad thing that brought it about, and it doesn’t say something good about our society, really, that we have to do this at all,” Crawford said. “I’m always very sad to file these bills that are inspired by horrible events.”

.....there are some loopholes that allow offenders who prey on the old and the young to avoid the stiffest penalties. Most of the gaps that permit this have been closed in matters relating to violent crimes against children, but have not been addressed with crimes involving people of advanced age.

“It’s a reasonable step to take, so I think we have a good chance of getting it to the governor’s desk this year,” Crawford said.Gov. Mark Sanford said he thinks the bill has a good chance of becoming law this year.

“This idea of saying, wait a minute, if you prey on people who are particularly vulnerable in our society, there’s going to be a more significant consequence ...

Crawford said Jerry’s Law is expected to have hearings within the next 30 days, and it could pass out of the House floor in 90 days.Darlington Police Department officers, who are investigating a case of elder abuse, also said they support Jerry’s Law.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is wonderful timing. there is a bill being discussed in the SC 3M subcommittee on Tuesday, Feb 5, regarding licensing home care agencies and others who provide inhome care to elderly and disabled. This would require background screenings and a list of other precautions to safegard the elderly population