Monday, February 4, 2008

California New Teller Reporting Law Paying Off in Protecting Elders

Long Beach,California,USA. Police said Rodriguez was hired in 2007 to be 91-year-old's caretaker. At the time of her arrest, police said Rodriguez had attempted to withdraw $5,000 from her victim's bank account at a Bixby Knolls branch of a Wells Fargo bank.

After her Jan. 8 arrest, Long Beach Police Department's Adult Protective Services worked with Accent Care Service to provide meal service for the alleged victim. The elder care group assigned Orozco, a client care coordinator, to the 91-year-old.

He was arrested Jan. 22 when City National Bank employees informed officers of Orozco's alleged attempt to withdraw $100,000 from the woman's bank account.

According to a police statement, Orozco allegedly drove to five banks with the victim. He allegedly told bank employees at each bank to close the 91-year-old's accounts and to give him the money.

Forgery and Fraud Detail detectives arrested Orozco on suspicion of financial elder abuse and an outstanding traffic warrant. Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Stacey Holdredge or Police Specialist Dave Lanier at (562)570-7330.


We heard that some State Parole System parole officers are telling convicts that home care giving is a promising field for gainful employment. Parolees are able to get the work without a lot of background checking .

Elder abusers in California are very brazen and don't even try to dissimulate their intentions, in Florida Elder Financial abusers are a little more sophisticated, they get a Power of Attoney first! then they can withdraw the money through the mail ! and even if they get caught it could in all likelihood be considered a civil matter.

Kudos for new California law that required the Bank tellers to call the cops.

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