Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Letters to Editor from S.C.

Dear Ray,

Please consider posting the forwarded story attached. It is regarding the story posted earlier on your website. (Cousins accused of abusing two family elders)

Please permit me to publicly thank Rep. Kris Crawford and the Maple Park Neighborhood Association of Florence SC for inspiration and work for their bill "Jerry's Law".(Bill to protect senior citizens expected to become law".

My five siblings in SC (seniors) and myself now know we are no longer alone in the inch by inch struggle beginning over four years ago and since my brothers death 2 1/2 years ago.

Perhaps through efforts such as "Jerry's Law", there will be some closure for my family and more so, for all the citizens in SC and throughout America that need help regarding Adult Abuse.

Thank You, Headline: Bill to protect senior citizens expected to become lawURL: http://www.scnow.com/midatlantic/scp/news.apx.-content-articles-FMN-2008-01-30-0008.html

Perhaps with awareness and better laws, there will be some justice for my brother and closure for my family as well. Thank you for all your efforts in bringing help to the victims and families of these inhumane acts.

Dear Malone

Thank You very much for E mailing me the story , I love to print good news and only wish there was more of it to go around, Beginning January 1,2007 financial institutions throughout California will now have a responsibility to report suspected financial abuse of elders (65 years or older) or dependent adults (18-64 years old with mental, physical or developmental disabilities) and we are seeing arrests and elders being protected because of these safeguards.

Kudos to Senators in S.C. for having the gall to confront this issue head on and show the Nation that it cares about its elders. More and more senators in more states are waking up to the fact that elder protection laws are archaic, and leave elders wide open to abuse end exploitation.

I can certainly hope that in our great state of Florida the cases of elder abuse that we have written about and some so thoroughly documented will be enough to give our lawmakers and senators reason to take a hard look at our laws and will do more to protect people who are victims of elder abuse .

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