Monday, February 25, 2008

Fox News 5 : Esta Varon- Guardian Abuse Secret is Out -Must See!

Click on to view -thanks to Vernon Sinn- Imagine a perfect stranger coming into your life, taking control of all your money and possessions, selling off your home without your permission and then deciding where you are going to live. You might think it was a huge scam, but it's not. In fact, what's shocking about this story is: It's all perfectly legal and it's happening every day to thousands of people across this country. Fox 5's Mary Garofalo has a special investigation that is a real eye opener.
We are aware that the "Largest Transfer of Wealth in Our Nation's History" is taking place, and opportunists think they have found a gold mine and officials, judges, and some unscrupulous attorneys are just as guilty by going along for the ride and dealing with these scammers with silk gloves or even faciliting the scams..

"The Evil that Men Do Does Live After Them"William Shakespeare

We need you to Contact Fox News and encourage them to do more stories like these here =>> Also log on to Fox News and E mail the story to everyone you can think of, let the Fox executives know Americans care about their elders........


Anonymous said...

MY CAUSE IS WELL SET FORTH AT elderabuse section. it is in federal court and also tampered/obstructed by 2 members of nasga....many indictments wil be forthcoming.......the sicker prey upon the sick..........we are being covered by fox in chicago, and other media.....billion dollar ward land thieft..retro 10 years. thanks for your contribution!!!!!!! leet's link it together barbara and keep up the good work..

Anonymous said...

Guardians can be either public (social services) or private (so called 'professional guardians'). And, as has been my experience, the public 'guardians' abuse, just as much as the 'private guardians'. It is about money from so many angles. They deplete the estate of the elderly with the high expense of assisted living. (Instead of other 'family friendly' options.) The same 'court appointed' attorneys, who 'know the drill' take thousands from the estate and side with social services, not the interest of their 'client', the elderly person. Consider this, if the family is in control the 'court appointed attorneys' make no money! Family is vilified to keep control and the judges ignore the laws, intended to protect the elderly, that apply to guardianship, including annulling POA's and Health Care Directives that have been given to family. Many family members have, also, experienced threats of criminal action and I, personally, know of situations where false accusations have been followed up with jail sentences.

PLEASE, take a few minutes of your time to view this story. It may prevent your family from experiencing this nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Thank you....god bless u..