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Clara and Dr. A.J. Fernandez - A Brief Synopsis -

Many of you have written to me and asked to please clarify the 'Chain of Catastrophic Events' that befell Dr. A. J. Fernandez and his wife Clara , the events that took them from enjoying their retirement with 'Full Social Life' which revolved around "Charity Luncheons" and then unto Dr. A.J. Fernandez's passing, to Clara Fernandez having to fight for her life at numerous hospitals and nursing homes she was placed in. As well as why Dr. A. J. Fernandez was left wondering why his wife was taken away without due process.

Rather than put it all down in my own words , I have taken excerpts from the various letters and documents that Clara's Neurologists, M.D.'s, Psychiatrists and her other physicians as they spoke, interviewed, examined the patient Clara and placed copies of such on this page, as I feel these documents serve as a more qualified story than the one I could ever tell.

Dr. Kaplitz M.D. - Neurologist, August 11th 2005.

Basically the patient appears to have been taken against her will and kept at her other son's house in West Palm Beach. It was in November that the patient apparently fell in the bathroom when she was in a hotel room (her son from West Palm Beach had apparently come down with her and had left the patient alone in a hotel room)...., she slipped when getting out of the tub.

She seems quite content being with her son, Ray and back in her Key West Home.

Mrs.Fernandez has changed compared to when I saw her in August of 2004....She does have higher cognitive deficits. She also has proximal weakness, which is probably due to the fact that there was disuse-probably not getting much activity when she was in West Palm Beach , I should also mention that she has very poor dentition and does not appear to have been care for appropriately when she was in West Palm Beach.

Dr. Corliss Rupp M.D. October 18Th, 2005.

The Patient is an 87 year old Latin female who states she " was abducted by my eldest son, Al,"

According to Mrs.Fernandez and Raul,she was "tricked" by Adalberto into leaving her home in Key West on 8/21/2004 and kept against her will at his residence in West Palm Beach, Florida for nearly one year. She was said to have been kept Incommunicado , Isolated, and Drugged.

While under Adalberto's influence, Mrs. Fernandez signed various documents which allowed without her knowledge, the Liquidation of most of her funds.

Since her return to Key West, Florida , on 08 /05/2005 , Mrs. Fernandez has experienced nightmares (awakens screaming) , flashbacks of negatives experiences while with Adalberto, avoidance talking about those events , social withdrawal, depressed or anxious mood, hyper vigilance (startles easily), and has developed a reluctance to leave the home for fear of her safety.

...The focus of her treatment is to improve her memory difficulties and to treat post traumatic stress.

Dr. Jorge A. Aguinaga M.D. October 21, 2005.

Mrs. Clara Fernandez is an 87 year old Cuban-American Female,brought in by her son Raul Fernandez at the suggestion of his attorney. On October 29, 2004, Mrs Fernandez signed a power of attorney naming her oldest son Adalberto . At this time Mrs. Fernandez has expressed clear wishes of staying in her home in Key West with her younger son Raul, and of revoking her present power of attorney. Because of past events, Raul would like to confirm that she has the mental capacity to do so.

When discussing her time spent with her eldest son during 2004-2005, she was not able to give specific details of her experience with him. She did express very clearly that she was not interested in living with him or having any contact with him. "He has something wrong." He wants to get more out of me."

She was prescribed medication for anxiety, pain and insomnia by Dr. Maria Lopez of Ambien, Darvacet, and Ativan at doses much higher doses than commonly used for a person her age.

When asked about her older son, she reported "My son took my money, my property."

She became upset at telling her story about her oldest son's attorney coming by every two or three days to have her sign something.

She does not remember giving Power of Attorney to her oldest son.

Dr. Bruce Boros M.D. Cardiologist 8/24/2005.

When asked her preference of location to live, Key West Vs. Palm Beach,..Clara was emphatic about staying in Key West.

Dr. Elias Gerth M.D. F.C.C.M. - September 2, 2005.

Her Bone Density worsened due to disuse as her meds were with-held.

Lilah R.Brand M.S. / P.T. , August 9Th, 2005.

Clara G.Fernandez Recently brought back to her home in Key West, Allegedly abducted by eldest son Al. She is 'Alert' to person and place only , her Balance and Gait dysfunctional. Possible due to disuse(?) Cerebellum insult (?)

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