Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Letters to Editor

Hi Ray

The picture of elder hands and blog you wrote..made me cry..

I am filled with emotion and so grateful to be a part of your efforts for elders..

If this world ever needed faith and hope, it is now..and you just gave us a little more..

Am on my way to Santa Maria Orphanage in Colon, Mexico to pay my respects to the priest, Father Norman Antonio who is ill..he founded the orphanage which at any moment houses 300 children which might otherwise be living on the streets or dead. The number of children this quiet man with a huge hearts, has kept alive will never be known..

He has an especially tender heart towards the elderly and built a house 25 homeless ones; age 70-105!


Thank You Joy for writing in to Elder Abuse your example is an encouragement to us and others . Please give Father Antonio our love as people like him and you that give so much of themselves so unselfishly to others is what keeps us going.


To ray@elderabusehelp.org

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