Saturday, May 19, 2007

Older Americans are Prime Targets for Bad Guys

Investigation Discovers Shocking Case of Elder Abuse

Our investigations don't normally focus on just one victim, but this is one outrageous plot you need to hear about. It demonstrates exactly why older Americans are prime targets for bad guys: they're trusting and they've got a lot of money. As we found out, some thieves are literally moving in to clean you out.

Rebecca O'Brien's grandmother, Bernice Pollei, loved her independence, but at 91 years of age, the Holladay woman needed some help.

Rebecca O'Brien, Bernice's granddaughter said, "We needed someone here that could be trusted to care for her basic needs. Make sure she was dressed, make sure she could groom herself, make sure she was clean and the house was clean."

Bernice wanted to stay in her home so the family hired live-in caregiver, Victoria Fiu.

Victoria invested a whole year winning Bernice's trust. Then she lowered the boom. It was an elaborate scam, filled with deceitful twists and turns. When it was over, Bernice's bank account was empty, her spirit broken.