Saturday, May 26, 2007

Massive "Dog Hunt" - Police Coordinate all Assets to find missing Dog

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Clara G. Fernandez was abducted on August 20,2004 Police when contacted said that the crime had to be reported in the place where she located , so we drove 10 hours to Winter Haven,Florida to report the crime, of taking an elderly persons who has dementia out of her safely equipped handicapped home, into strange surroundings, hotels, motels, nursing homes, hospitals,ect. Once in Winterhaven we were told, Oh no .. the crime has to be reported in the city where it happened, so we drove ten hours back and attempted to report the abduction of my mother Clara G. Fernandez.

Police were not willing to even write a report to correctly documents the facts of how she was taken, or collect evidence of the crime scene in which medications, purse,wallet, telephone book and other personal belongings were left behind, because my mother was taken while we were sleeping and it was done in a rush.

The story reads"A man with an apparent fondness for border collies drove off with one Friday from the Hurricane Hole Marina on Stock Island where dogs roam freely through the recreational complex."

Meanwhile on October 3, 2004 a Massive police effort was mounted to find the resident Collie , 'Bonny' because he is party of the charm of the place... the massive effort according to newspapers involved police agencies across three police agencies... a police artist is believed to have been called to recreate a picture of the man who lunched with 'Bonnie'.

A month after the police mounted the 'Massive' manhunt' involving three (3) police agencies looking for the dog , Clara G. Fernandez was left alone overdosed with what doctors calls ' A dose in excess for people her age' in a motel room where she fell and has been totally incapacitated ever since.

The Newspapers say Hospitals dump elders,infirm people, wheelchair and all on a wholesale bases on the street when they can no longer pay. We have photographers who have documented this and videos on you Tube that are removed as quick as they appear.

It is at is a sad day for Monroe county, for Florida for our Country when we put the values of dogs above elders. Dogs are taken to shelters and fed, when they are sick and suffering they are humanely put to sleep when sick to spare then further suffering.

Humans who are down on their luck are put out to be rediculed, harrasssed, and in some cases doused with gasoline and set on fire for the entertainment of our young folks.

And we call Elder Abuse a "Civilly Matter."

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